Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SDF stands by KT Gyaltsen, dismisses BLPF challenge as politically inspired

GANGTOK, 11 Aug: Sikkim Democratic Front has reiterated its defence of statements issued by its spokesperson KT Gyaltsen enumerating the various initiatives which stand proof of the SDF party and its Government’s promotion and preservation of Sikkim’s Buddhist heritage. In a press release issued today, the party had pointed out that organizations like SIBLAC and Bhutia-Lepcha Protection Force had declared their political ambitions [as against claims of being social organisations] by having openly supported SKM in the last elections.
The release stresses that these organisations can no longer deny their political nature and goes on to allege that the SKM MLAs, including the Sangha MLA, take their orders from SIBLAC’s Tseten Bhutia.
Highlighting that Sikkim remains a peaceful state and yet SIBLAC insists on playing “inexplicable” politics by raising a Bhutia-Lepcha Protection Force and having it shadow the Sangha MLA. The release also regrets the use of words like “genocide” by the Sangha MLA in his representations to central leaders. The release points out that organisations like BLPF and some SKM MLA’s, because of the their affiliation to SIBLAC, clearly reflect the said organisation’s stance.

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