Monday, August 11, 2014

Dribbling towards reconciliation?

GANGTOK, 10 Aug: The ongoing confrontation between Sikkim Football Association [SFA] and Football Clubs Association of Sikkim [FCAS] has struck a somewhat positive note with the two finally holding a meeting today.
As per an SFA release, in the meeting today, the association welcomed the eight Premier Division clubs who have been granted temporary membership of the SFA. Of the eight clubs, three could not attend the meeting since they are engaged in the Independence Day tournaments being held across the state, it is informed.
The SFA general secretary, Menla Ethenpa, highlighted the aims and objectives of the welcome programme and expressed hope of working together with the clubs for the betterment of Sikkimese football in days. He further said that both SFA and the clubs need each other and must co-exist, the release adds.
SFA president, BK Roka offered khadas to Bhaichung Bhutia who has been offered the post of Chairman of the Technical Committee of SFA and representatives of other clubs offered membership, it is mentioned. He thanked Bhaichung Bhutia and the representatives of all the clubs for expressing solidarity with SFA to work together for future growth of football in Sikkim, the SFA release states.
It was unanimously felt that since this was only an induction programme of the new member clubs, any other issues pertaining to the development of football in the state will be jointly discussed in the next meeting, the release states, reiterating that this was also endorsed by all the clubs.
An FCAS release on the meeting meanwhile informs that representatives of the clubs also proposed some amendments in the constitution of SFA regarding the membership criteria and they are: to give permanent membership with voting right to all the clubs of premier division league; membership without voting rights to the clubs under second division league and; have at least 10 teams in the premier league.
FCAS members also sought clarification about the rights and functions of the Chairman, Technical Committee. The SFA general secretary said that the association will look into the proposals and hopefully give a positive response in the second meeting to be held on 24 August, the release mentions.

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