Thursday, August 14, 2014

SKM rejects explanations offered by Power Deptt and SDF on regularization issue

GANGTOK, 13 Aug: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha MLAs, in  joint statement issued today, have dismissed as “ridiculous” and “misleading”, the statements issued by the Power Department Secretary PB Subba and the SDF spokesperson Bhim Dahal in relation to the ongoing protest by the recently regularized temporary employees of the department.
Challenging the claim that the regularization process was going through “necessary verifications to establish the bona fide of the employees”, the release points out that as per prescribed norms, these are already done before their appointment by the police, Special Branch and the office of the District Collector.
The MLAs have thus demanded that if discrepancies are still being found, then the “erring officials who carried out the verifications and subsequently issued the relevant certificates should be punished as there are no other verifying authorities to establish the authenticity of the individuals”.
The party has cast aspersions on the re-verification claims of the State Government and wondered whether this was “an attempt to delay the entire process of the releasing the salaries to the aggrieved employees”?
“Is it not inhuman to subject the poor employees and their families to near starvation? Do they not have the right to live a dignified life? Or does the State Government have no faith in the authorities who have been assigned with the verification job? The State Government is answerable to all these questions and stop coming out with lame and ridiculous excuses,” the release concludes.

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