Tuesday, August 5, 2014


SDF points out how Organic Mission was making the whole nation proud
GANGTOK, 04 Aug: Sikkim Democratic Front has reiterated its appreciation of the Organic Mission launched by the State government in Sikkim and highlight how, despite detractors in the Opposition camp, the mission continued to earn praise not only for Sikkim but also emerge as a matter of pride for the nation as a whole. In this regard, an SDF press release draws attention to the pride with which Prime Minister Narendra Modi informed Nepal [in his address to the Nepal Parliament yesterday] about the Organic Mission spearheaded by Sikkim.
In his address, the Prime Minister invited Nepal to adopt the Sikkim Model of Organic Mission with the latest scientific technologies and even offered assistance in helping Nepal go organic.
In a press release, SDF spokesperson Bhim Dahal, who is also the Press Advisor to the Chief Minister, points out that the Organic Mission was catching attention at the international level and received rave reviews and positive endorsement. This boost to Sikkim’s image, he adds, while it was beneficial for everyone, was proving a big jolt to opposition parties which continue to oppose the Sikkim model.
Reiterating the continued praise that Sikkim has received for its developmental model and for its Organic Mission, Mr. Dahal has called on political parties of the State to rise above party lines and accept the fact that the SDF government was honestly committed to transforming Sikkim into an Organic State by 2015.
He also reiterated that at a time when the nation was importing electricity from neighbouring countries, the main opposition party of Sikkim was opposing the harnessing of hydro power in the State and demanding that hydel projects be scrapped.

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