Monday, March 24, 2014

Sikkim-AAP releases first list of 7 candidates

GANGTOK, 23 Mar: The Aam Aadmi Party [AAP], Sikkim Unit has also released its first list of candidates for the upcoming general elections. The list was released today and has seven candidates, including the candidate for the Lok Sabha seats.
Kushal Rai is standing for the Lok Sabha elections, Kesher Kumari Neopany [Upper Burtuk], Sulochana Rai [ Namcheybong], Bimal Darjee [West Pendam], Dorjee Dadul Bhutia [Gangtok], Roman Shilal [Zoom Salghari] and Prashant Lamichaney [Upper Tadong]. Two of the candidates are women.
Addressing the media, the AAP president, Kushal Rai stated that all candidates in the first list are election debutants aged between 23 to 32 years old.
“The next list may be announced on Monday as we are trying to field as many candidates as we can. It is likely that we will not be contesting all 32 seats, we may field candidates for 17 to 19 seats”, he added.

The AAP candidates will file their nominations by 25 March and then on 26 March the party will come out with its national and state agendas and manifesto for the people. 

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