Monday, March 24, 2014

Chamling promises to leverage youth empowerment to fuel development in Sikkim

NAMCHI, 23 Mar: After filing the nominations from two constituencies of South Sikkim on Friday, SDF party president Chief Minister Pawan Chamling returned to the campaign trail with a public meeting at Singithang public ground here on Saturday. The meeting, held for Poklok-Kamrang and Namchi-Singhithang constituencies started with a welcome address by senior party leader, Passang R Sherpa followed by the address of SDF candidate from Poklok-Kamrang, KN Rai. Mr. Chamling is contesting from Namchi-Singhithang and Rangang-Yangang.
Addressing the gathering, Mr. Chamling said, “This is a big opportunity for the people of Sikkim to choose their own government. Since the past 20 years SDF has been serving Sikkim and its people. We have done exactly what people wanted us to do during these 20 years”. Above all we have given peace to the people of Sikkim for 20 years
Accusing the opposition parties of misleading the people, he said that they should come up with new and better policies than what the present SDF government is doing for the people of Sikkim. “Our next government will do more than what we have done for the people of Sikkim till date”, he added. 
Mr. Chamling stated that the SDF government has always respected government employees not with words but with work. When SDF came to power there were only two posts at the Secretary level for state civil service officers but now there are 12 such posts due to which the State’s civil servants are getting the opportunity to serve the state as Secretaries, he highlighted.
Highlighting the achievements of his government, Mr. Chamling said that 40,000 were given regular jobs during the SDF government against the 13,000 earlier. Lakhs were given temporary jobs in both government and private sectors, he added. He further said that all educated youths of the state will be provided jobs in government and private sectors in the next SDF government.
“We don’t want to take advantage of the weakness of the youth but will empower them instead to develop the state,” he said. 
Namchi hospital will be upgraded into a 300-bedded hospital while the second phase of beautification of Namchi bazaar will also be done by the next SDF government, added Mr Chamling. He further promised one tourist centre in each GPU.
“This time I am contesting from Namchi Singithang constituency but the people of Poklok Kamrang (which he represents at present) will always be dear to me. I will fulfill all the pending works of Namchi Singithang in our next government. I want to make it a model constituency”, he added.
Terming SKM as “Sikkim Khaney Manch”, Mr Chamling said that they are the opposition not only to SDF but to the Sikkimese people as well.
“In comparison to Gujarat’s debt of Rs 2 lakh crore, Sikkim has a debt of Rs 2800 crore which is the minimum amongst the states of India. We will repay this debt with the state’s revenue in two years and Sikkim will be the first debt-free state of India,” said Mr Chamling.

The meeting was also addressed by Lok Sabha candidate of the party, PD Rai.

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