Friday, March 28, 2014

All contenders pass scrutiny in South as well

NAMCHI, 27 Mar [IPR]: There were 26 nominations filed in the South District by the different candidates during the nomination period. The scrutiny of the nomination papers submitted by the respective candidates to the Returning Officer (South) was carried out by the RO Prabhaker Verma in his office today.
The RO declared the nominations accepted after finding the paper works correct and complete supported by all the required documents in all aspects. He checked the papers as per the filed nomination date from four political parties namely Sikkim Democratic Front, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha, Indian National Congress and Trinamool Congress.
The candidates of the respective constituencies were present with their legal counsels and election agents for the scrutiny process in the office of the RO. General Observer for South District, Dr R Selvaraj was present in the office of the RO to observe the scrutiny process.
Today the candidate and the agents received their Identity Cards making them official candidates for the General Assembly Elections 2014. After the scrutiny process, the specimen signature of the candidates was registered in the nomination office to be sent to the Polling Stations for the purpose of verification of their signature by the Presiding Officer in the letters of appointment of the Polling agents at the time of the Poll. The last date for withdrawal of nominations is 29 March 2014 up to 3pm.
SDF president Pawan Chamling and SKM president PS Tamang were represented by their agents in their absence during the scrutiny process today.
RO Mr Verma has informed that a meeting with all political parties and candidates with the District Officials and the General Observer will be held on 29 March 2014 at the conference hall of DAC for which the parties and candidates have been notified as well.
Each constituency is divided into two sectors which means there are 16 sectors for all 8 constituencies.

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