Wednesday, March 26, 2014


GANGTOK, 25 Mar: Sikkim Democratic Front has expressed strong displeasure and criticized the press statement of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha spokesperson, MN Dahal on the SDF president Pawan Chamling’s speeches as reported in some dailies today.
Addressing the media today, SDF spokesperson Bhim Dahal said that the party has also submitted a complaint regarding the misrepresentation of the party president’s speeches to the Chief Electoral Officer today.
It is alleged that as per the news report, the SKM spokesperson, MN Dahal, had stated that the SDF president had termed Darjeeling as the breeding ground for goons while leveling accusations against SKM for hiring goons from the area.
In the complaint to the CEO the party has said “This statement is a complete fabrication of truth and twists the contents of our party president Pawan Chamling’s speeches”. The party explains that Mr Chamling referred to only anti-national elements from several places in the north-east region and never categorized the people of Darjeeling negatively.
Meanwhile, the SDF spokespersons stated today that the party has information regarding the use of goons and muscle power from outside the state by SKM party but being a responsible party it has never named any specific place in particular. He termed the statement made by the SKM spokesperson as totally irresponsible and provocative and alleged that it is part of a conspiracy to hamper relations between Sikkim and Darjeeling hills.
“SKM should win the hearts of the people through their choice of candidates, policies and programmes and not by mixing Darjeeling in Sikkimese politics,” he further stated.
On the same, he demanded strict action from the administration on such irresponsible statements. The party has demanded that the SKM spokesperson be “censured for issuing such blatant lies through media” and has also urged the CEO “to remind the press to be responsible and do adequate research and fact checking before giving space to such false and provocative statements”.

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