Monday, July 28, 2014

Reservation format for govt employment restructured to include exclusive PTG quota

GANGTOK, 27 July: In a major decision taken recently, the State government has affected a restructuring to its job-reservation format. With this restructuring, there is now a revision of quota set aside for each Sikkimese community when it comes to applying for government jobs. The reworking was clearly necessitated to accommodate an exclusive share for Primitive Tribe Groups in government employment.
The new category of Primitive Tribe has been added to the list of reserved communities. The Lepchas, it may be recalled, have been accorded primitive tribe status in Sikkim and also have a welfare board dedicated to look out for its interests in the State now. As per the latest reworking of the reservation format in Sikkim, 5% of all government jobs will henceforth be reserved exclusively for the primitive tribe.
This 5% quota has been worked out of the share of the Bhutia-Lepchas, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. The reservation percentage for BLs has now accordingly come down 2% to 20%, STs by 1% to 13%, MBCs and OBCs also one percent down each from 21% to 20% each. As things stand, 85% of all job openings in the government continued to be apportioned to different reservation segments.
Interestingly, the BL community, of which Lepchas enjoy reservation under BL as well as Primitive Tribe group quota, have actually seen their collective quota increase from the earlier 22% to 25% [20% BL+5% PTG], that’s a quarter of all government vacancies in the future. They also enjoy the largest chunk of reservations.
This is among the first tangible benefits to have accrued to the Primitive Tribe of the state since the state government declared the Lepchas as a Primitive Tribe of the state.
As per an order issued by the Department of Personnel recently, the State Government has approved the new restructuring of reservation for all the Sikkimese communities in posts and services to be filled up by direct recruitment under the state government and public sector undertakings. This order supersedes all previous notifications on the matter particularly the last one issued in August 2009.
To be noted is that Sanyasi, who featured with Bahun, Newar Chettri under OBC category in the earlier notification (corresponding to OBC – state list currently), are now placed under OBC-Central List. The only communities unaffected by the restructuring are the Scheduled Castes whose proportion of reservation remains unchanged at 7% in Sikkim.
The total deduction in the reservation percentages of the listed communities is 5% which is the total reservation percentage accorded to the new listing – the Primitive Tribe. Another new listing in this notification of the Department of Personnel is the horizontal reservation accorded to Below Poverty Line individuals at 12% reservation.
Other horizontal reservation remain largely the same including the reservation for Women at 30%, persons with disabilities at 3%, ex-servicemen at 3%, sports persons and artisans of excellence at 2%. The new addition of BPL individuals at 12% is the second highest in the horizontal reservation category.
It is also informed that the earlier orders and notifications issued in this regard stand superseded. However posts already advertised on the basis of earlier notification will not be affected and shall continue to be governed by the earlier notification on the subject.
Also to be noted is that the creamy layer as notified by the Social Welfare Department and reported earlier in NOW! for Backward Classes is to apply in both cases of OBC – Central List as well as State List.

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