Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kathmandu group backs Dawa Sangpo’s claim to Rumtek

GANGTOK, 28 July: Rajesh Lama, general secretary of the Kathmandu-based “17th Karmapa Sewa Samiti”, today stated that it was time for the people of Sikkim to rise above politics if they want to see Dawa Sangpo Dorje “ascend his throne at Rumtek Monastery”. Dawa Sangpo Dorje, it may be recalled, is a Karmapa claimant currently based in South Sikkim.
Mr. Lama, who is on a visit to Sikkim with his team, said that the deadlock of three contenders to the seat of the Karmapa at Rumtek Monastery needs to be broken and a decision arrived at. He reiterated the demand for a “test” among the three claimants to “settle the dispute”.
“I have personally been associated with Dawa Sangpo Dorje for the past 20 years and in my heart I know that he is the actual reincarnation of the Karmapa. Even his supporters in Nepal are in support of this theory but it is now time for the people of Sikkim to realize this truth and rise above politics in support of their belief so that the rightful Karmapa takes his throne at Rumtek Monastery,” he said.
“Even though the State government and the Opposition parties in Sikkim have endorsed Ogyen Trinley Dorje as the Karmapa and urged the Central government to allow him to Rumtek monastery, we would still request them to reconsider this because they are acting on behalf of the Buddhist community and this may not be their own decision but taken under duress,” he stated.

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