Friday, September 23, 2011

Chief Minister's Relief Fund

A massive earthquake of 6.8 in magnitude jolted Sikkim at 6.10 pm on 18th Sept, 2011 with epicenter in North Sikkim. This earthquake has resulted in massive disruption to human life, houses, infrastructure, roads and communication network in the State.
2. Individuals/organizations interested in coming forward to help the people in distress through cash contributions may kindly deposit the amount in the following bank account nos., which have been opened for Chief Minister’s Relief Fund:-
i) Central Bank of India, Gangtok Chief Minister’s relief fund a/c no. 3143635947,IFSC-CBI No.282310 CBI Main Branch (for contributions made from outside the State).
ii) State Bank of Sikkim, Gangtok, Chief Minister’s Relief Fund current a/c 464, SBS Main Branch for contributions received within the State).
3. The non-perishable relief material/ equipments may be dispatched to Shri B.K. Kharel, Secretary, Land revenue-cum- and Relief Commissioner, Government of Sikkim (Contact nos.03592-204995, 9434179141)
4. The office of the Resident Commissioner, New Delhi may also be approached for delivery of these things at Delhi for their onward dispatch to Sikkim.
Shri Arvind Kumar, Principal resident Commissioner
Government of Sikkim, Sikkim House
12 Panchsheel Marg,
Chanakyapuri, New Delh-110021,
Mobile No. 99688 46087,
Office Nos. 26115013/26113747/26883026

No contributions may be made in cash to any individuals/organizations


  1. Thank so much for this information .. will be putting on my blog for friends to help - Sangeeta

  2. Why can't people donate to private individuals who are doing good works We should be able to contribute in any way we wish to - and to the people we trust. If a few friends want to get together to raise some funds, why can't they? Is this 'rule' that no contributions may be made in cash to any individuals/organisations actually law? Or just a cruel way of cutting out genuine volunteers.


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