Thursday, May 15, 2014

SDF scoffs at SKM’s victory ‘daydreams’

GANGTOK, 14 May: Sikkim Democratic Front has said that the claim of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha president PS Tamang [Golay] of his party having already won the 2014 election was “just wishful thinking”. Mr. Tamang had made this announcement at an SKM meeting held at Baiguney on Tuesday.
SDF has said that the claim of the SKM party and the decision of the people of Sikkim are two different things.
An SDF press release states that such wishful thinking should be kept to oneself and not shared with others. Instead of preparing to form the government, Mr. Tamang should be preparing to accept defeat in the elections, the party has said.
SDF asked for votes to continue the series of developmental works in the state but SKM asked for votes after spreading unrest, committing murders and other kinds of violence, the release alleges.
It is further stated that the SDF party went to poll on the basis of issues in the interest of the people, peace, security and development but all SKM had were photocopies of SDF’s programmes and issues. In this context, SKM’s claim cannot be taken seriously, the party states.
SDF has alleged that Mr. Tamang has shown distrust in people’s decision and votes by keeping his people to guard the EVMs which were already placed under strong security. After all this, any allegations of rigging after the results are announced would be unacceptable, the release highlights.
The party has also dismissed Mr. Tamang’s allegation of the SDF party planning post poll violence in the state as baseless. Stating that SDF believes in non-violence, the party has in turn alleged that Mr Golay could incite his party workers towards violence on losing the election.
SDF party has urged its party workers to stay alert after the counting process and to avoid any post poll violence and also to keep the people safe.

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