Thursday, May 15, 2014

Demonstration of Hand Pollination Techniques in Kiwifruit held in West Sikkim

GANGTOK, 14 May: In an initiative to promote kiwifruit production in West Sikkim, a ‘Demonstration of Hand Pollination Techniques in Kiwifruit’ was jointly organized by the Horticulture Department and ICAR Sikkim Centre on 13 May for kiwifruit growers of Chumbong, West Sikkim.
The programme was held under the guidance of Khorlo Bhutia [Principal Director, Horticulture and Cash Crop Development Department] and Dr. R.K. Avasthe [Joint Director, ICAR Sikkim Centre].
Inaugurating the program, Jagdish Pradhan [Joint Director, Horticulture and Cash Crop Development Department, Govt. of Sikkim] highlighted the importance of kiwifruit as high value cash crop and emphasized that this jointly organized program by state department and ICAR will be very effective in transfer of horticultural technologies among the farming community and farmers shall be able to produce large quantity of kiwifruit for domestic as well as export purpose.
Dr. H. Kalita [Principal Scientist, Entomology] presented the overview of the program and its signficance for the region. He also discussed the role of pollinators in kiwifruit and organic pest management in kiwifruit.
Dr. Ashish Yadav [Senior Scientist, Horticulture] detailed the organic kiwifruit production techniques in Sikkim and practically demonstrated the hand pollination techniques in kiwifruit to the progressive farmers of West Sikkim at ICAR Research Farm.
Dr. R. Gopi [Scientist, Plant Pathology] shared information on disease and pest management in kiwifruit under organic production system and also proposed vote of thanks.
Avinash, Yamuna Pandey and Geetanjali assisted actively in organizing the whole programme.
Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh are leading producers of kiwifruit in India. In Sikkim, West Sikkim is taking lead in its area and production where it is growing well in Rinchenpong, Deythang, Soreng and Chumbong areas. The ICAR Sikkim Centre is playing a vital role in strengthening the technological backstopping to increase horticulture production in the state.

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