Thursday, May 15, 2014

Golay confident that SKM will form next govt in Sikkim

GANGTOK, 13 May: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha president PS Tamang [Golay] chaired a workshop for the party’s contesting candidates, counting agents and other poll related functionaries yesterday.
Speaking at the programme, Mr. Tamang said that his party was fully prepared to accept the responsibility of governing the state when they emerge victorious on 16 May.
He added that in the unlikely event that they do not manage to get a simple majority, SKM would play the role of a responsible opposition and fight for the rights of the Sikkimese people, an SKM press release informs.
Addressing the party’s candidates he stated that SKM was a cadre-based party and behind every candidate was the hard work and sacrifice of many others because of whom the party is strong today. He asked the candidates to take upon themselves the responsibility of working and holding together all the party workers.
Mr Tamang said that there is no doubt that SKM would be forming the next government and asked all the candidates to be humble should they win and serve the people sincerely. Should SKM form the government, they must bring all Sikkimese people together and not discriminate against opposition supporters in any way, he added.
“SKM will teach SDF what respect of opposition means,” the release quotes Mr. Tamang as saying.
The SKM president also appealed to all party workers and supporters to maintain peace at all costs after the results are declared. He said that SKM will take upon itself the responsibility to ensure that there is no violence and that peace prevails.
However, he said that facing certain defeat, SDF party is making full preparation to disturb peace in the state and indulge in violence. “They may set fire to their own vehicles, stone their own houses and assault innocent people and blame us for it,” he said.
Mr Tamang has asked all party workers to work closely with the police and administration to ensure SDF does not succeed in this conspiracy, the release adds.

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