Monday, May 12, 2014

High on drugs cabbie crashes vehicle into truck

GANGTOK, 11 May:  A taxi driver and handyboy were taken into custody by Rambi Police, West Bengal, on Saturday on charges of rash driving and drug peddling.
The taxi, driven by Devi Charan Chettri, was plying towards Singtam from Siliguri with 12 passengers comprising of 10 school students and 2 guardians. The vehicle was reportedly over-speeding when it hit a truck from behind at Rambi Bridge under Kalimpong Sub division of West Bengal. One student, 14-year-old Mayalmit Lepcha was injured in the accident and later admitted at Kalimpong hospital.
According to Police sources, the driver Devi Charan Chettri was high on drugs which caused the accident. The passengers also informed police that the driver refused to listen to their pleas to drive more carefully.
During investigation, the police also recovered 101 tablets of Spasmo Proxyvon and 27 loose tablets of N-10 from the duo. The driver is alleged to be a regular drug user and suspected of peddling drugs as well, inform police sources.
Both, the driver and the handyboy, Pranesh Darjee are from Sikkim and under police custody in Rambi at present.

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