Thursday, May 15, 2014

Melli residents irked by frequent power cuts

NAMCHI, 14 May: Frequent power cuts have left the people of Melli and its surrounding areas like Sadam, Turuk, Melli Dara, Payong unhappy with their daily lives getting adversely affected. These areas have been experiencing frequent power cuts over the past two months.
Although such power cuts are being done to prevent any serious damage during heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, power is cut even when there is just a slight drizzle. For the past two weeks it has been observed that there is a power cut even when there is normal weather. This has especially affected students and the impact is also being felt by poultry farmers in Melli. Residents and farmers of Melli and surrounding areas feel that the concerned department is not responding properly to this problem.
When contacted, the Assistant Engineer, Melli, informs that there is no problem of frequent power cuts in Melli and surrounding places. He informs that the station cuts power only during heavy rainfall and thunderstorms or when repairs need to be undertaken. Moreover, their office has not received any complaints from the public and has invited complaints if any areas are suffering from extensive, unexplained power cuts.

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