Monday, May 12, 2014

Health Deptt updates list of essentials drugs

GANGTOK, 09 May: The Health Department has updated the list of essential drugs and medicines for the state of Sikkim and notified the same. The long list of essential drugs is based on the National List of essential medicine, 2011 and also with a view to make the essential drugs and medicines easily available in all health facilities of the state.
Furthermore, this recent updating of the list of essential drugs by the Health Department is also, in all likelihood, a result of the high court direction to the department to make available essential drugs in all health facilities in the state and particularly in the health centres in North Sikkim. It may also be noted that while the Health Department has finally updated its list of drugs and medicines which are considered essential it is another matter whether this long list of essential medicines are available in all health facilities.
Among the list of essential drugs are anesthetic and muscle relaxants which has 29 drugs including injections; then there is a list of 9 anti amoebics/ anti diarrhoeals; 39 antibiotics which includes syrups, tablets, injections; 11 anti convulsants/ antiepileptics and 11 anti allergics. Also included are 7 antacid/ anti ulcer drugs; 7 anti diabetics; 1 anti gout; 3 anti emetics; 5 anti asthamatics; 4 anti spasmodics; 5 anti malarials. Then there are also cardiovascular drugs, those for dental problems, diuretics, for skin treatment, drugs affecting coagulation and ENT. Also included in the list of essential medicines are family welfare medicines, oxytocis and anti oxytocis, hormones, I.V. fluids, analgesics, psychotherapeutic drugs, antidotes, disinfectants and antiseptics such as bleaching powder, phenyl, ethyl alcohol etc.

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