Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two more suicides

GANGTOK, 17 Feb: The spate of suicides in the state of Sikkim continues unabated. Following reports of about 7 suicides last week, this week also starts with the more gloom. A 45-year-old woman took her life on 16 February at Sherathang, East Sikkim.
The deceased had reportedly been suffering from depression for a long time. The cause of the depression was reportedly a pain in her left leg which refused to heal. The deceased was found hanging from a tree in the jungles below her house.

On 14 February, another suicide had been reported. A driver with the HRD Department committed suicide by hanging in his house. The 45 year old was a resident of Adampool, under Ranipool police jurisdiction. This is reported to have been his second attempt at committing suicide, an earlier attempt having been made about a year ago. 

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