Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Yoga to improve eyesight

Lot of people has eyesight problems these days and many resort to lenses, glasses and laser surgery to clear or improve their vision. But as time passes, the glasses and lenses make the eyes worse than what they were and laser surgeries are risky.
Excluding disease such as glaucoma, trachoma and cataract caused by bacterial infection, the common eye disorders nowadays are short and long sightedness, squint and presbyopia caused by functional defects in the ocular muscles due to mental and emotional tension. Other small factors that contribute to poor eyesight are prolonged TV and computer use, poor diet, aging, bad lighting etc.
Yoga exercises for the eyes if done on daily basis relax and strengthen the ocular muscles and gradually, as time passes, one can see substantial improvements in vision.
Some yoga exercise for the eyes are:-
Palming: Rub your palms vigorously creating heat and warmth and gently place it over the eyelids, without and pressure.
Sideways viewing: Raise your arms to the shoulder level, making a thumbs up sign then with a steady head, gaze from one thumb to another
Up and down viewing: With a steady head position, follow your gaze up and down
Nose tip viewing: follow your gaze to your thumb as it moves from the tip of your nose to the straight arm distance.
[Karma Chookela Bhutia hails from Rabongla in South Sikkim and is currently based in Belgium. She teaches different styles of yoga, breathing techniques and meditation in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg]

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