Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mindful Meditation

There are two methods of developing mindful meditation one is active meditation and the other is seated meditation.
Active meditation involves silent walking where one observes any sensation associated with walking in a quiet place. Sensation can be in physical or mental level example the heaviness in the legs, sound of your shoes against the ground or just your breath. With regular practice this activity can bring a profound bliss, feeling of complete relaxation, decrease any tension related problem like ulcer, insomnia, joint problems etc.
Seated meditation involves meditating on your breath while sitting crossed legged or simply sitting on the chair. For example in seated meditation, bring the focus on the sound of the breath, the rise and fall of the abdomen or just your natural breathing pattern. If any mental or physical distraction comes, instead of blocking them observe, adjust and let it go and continue with the practice.
It is proven that 10 minutes of seated meditation on daily basis can sharpen your mind, improve the immune system, bring mental relaxation. Mindfulness meditation is also recognised by psychotherapists as a form of cognitive therapy.
Finally with the regular practice of walking and seated meditation one can apply mindfulness meditation to regular activities like eating, driving, talking, playing etc. This helps the individual to stay in the present moment and enjoy the present moment  bringing clarity and mental peace.
[Karma Chookela Bhutia hails from Rabongla, South Sikkim and is currently living in Belgium. She teaches different styles of yoga, breathing techniques and meditation in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. She has been working in collaboration with a Dutch organisation which specializes in reeducation program for people suffering from chronic ailments. She has undergone yoga training in three prestigious Indian yoga schools - Rishikesh Yoga Peeth, Shiva Yoga Peeth and Asana Andiappan college of Yoga and Research Centre in Chennai].

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