Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Detox Drink

You have to try it to believe it!
Apple and cinnamon water is one of the best detox drinks to not only flush out your LDL (bad cholesterol), boost energy, encourage weight loss but also is a zero-calorie flavourful replacement for your sugary juices and fizzy drinks.
This very simple Detox water recipe can change your life. Here's how:
You will need:
-    2 Apples thinly sliced (Don't peel the skin if it is organic)
-    2 Cinnamon sticks
-    A large glass pitcher (never use a metal one)
Drop the sliced Apples and Cinnamon sticks in a pitcher full of water (2 litres)
And let the water sit overnight in the refrigerator so that the water absorbs all the nutrients from the cinnamon and apples.
Remove it the next morning and drink the water throughout the day.
[Karma Chookela Bhutia hails from Rabongla, South Sikkim and is currently living in Belgium. She teaches different styles of yoga, breathing techniques and meditation in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. She has been working in collaboration with a Dutch organisation which specializes in reeducation program for people suffering from chronic ailments. She has undergone yoga training in three prestigious Indian yoga schools - Rishikesh Yoga Peeth, Shiva Yoga Peeth and Asana Andiappan college of Yoga and Research Centre in Chennai].

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