Thursday, September 10, 2015

First arrests since possession of chemical fertilizers was made a criminal offence in Sikkim


On Wednesday evening, 09 Sept, Sikkim Police made the first arrests under the Sikkim Agricultural, Horticultural Input and Livestock Feed Regulatory Act of 2014 which made the import, sale and use of chemical fertilizers a criminal offence in Sikkim when it came into effect in November last year.
Superintendent of Police, South, Tashi Wangyal, confirmed that the Melli Check Post personnel intercepted a vehicle [bearing registration number SK02D/0559] which was carrying 10 bags of Urea [50 kg each] and 10 bags of DAP [Diammoniun Phosphate] into Sikkim from Siliguri, West Bengal. The vehicle was heading towards Sombaria. Both chemicals are banned in Sikkim in pursuance of its Organic State aspirations.
The driver of the vehicle and one other person accompanying him were taken into custody and the vehicle and its consignment seized.
After the formalities were completed, the case was handed over to the Department of Horticulture and Cash Crops for further action.
The Sikkim Agricultural, Horticultural input and Livestock Feed Regulatory Act of 2014 bans the import, sale and use of restricted chemicals, under the Sub-section 1&2 of Section 8. Those found violating the rules under the Act are liable for imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 months, or with fine which may not be less than Rs. 25,000 but shall not exceed Rs 1,00,000 or with both.
The provision for offences and punishment further says that ‘…If any person who has been convicted of the commission of an offence punishable under this Act shall be punished for the second and every subsequent offence with a fine which may extend to twice the amount imposed on him in his previous conviction.’

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