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“Let us be fully responsible in our words and deeds to never tarnish the good image of the State”

My dear fellow citizens of the State and the Country
On the auspicious occasion of the 68th Independence Day of the Nation, I extend my warm greetings to our beloved people of Sikkim and our countrymen. Today, we pay our deep respect and homage to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their valuable lives for securing independence of the country. And in this perspective, we are the proud progeny of the new found freedom as well as the responsible custodians of the hard-earned freedom which has given us the fruits today. We are aware that the Sikkimese people over the decades have guarded the border state with supreme dedication and commitment to the overall safety and security of the Nation. I congratulate my fellow citizens for being the active partners in our path to progress and development of the State which is justifiably the most peaceful and progressive state of the Indian Union.
My dear fellow Sikkimese
All the countrymen and my fellow Sikkimese have recently participated in the keenly contested elections to the 9th State Assembly and the 16th Lok Sabha. The people of India have voted as per the voice of the people to install or re-install the government of their choice for the next five years.
I take this opportunity to once again offer salutation to Shri Narendra Modi ji, our Prime Minister for leading the country and the National Democratic Alliance with a clear majority in the Indian Parliament. In our context, I am grateful and humbled by the overwhelming mandate of the Sikkim Democratic Front party received to work for State development and in serve the people for the record fifth consecutive term. Both the outcomes at the centre and the state have been historical for two different reasons. In the centre, the period of fractured mandate as witnessed in the last decade or so has been left behind. Here too the Sikkim Democratic Front party has been bestowed by the Sikkimese people with a clear majority to run the government in the State for the fifth consecutive term.
Sikkim today occupies centrestage in many of the national discourses because of many of our exemplary development programs. In fact, we have been able to provide unique model of development in a number of sectors including social justice, environment, eco-tourism, agriculture, horticulture, education, health and rural development. Many of them have been replicated also by many of the states at the regional and national level which confers us great satisfaction. The impressive progress made in all sectors by the State Government is the result of long-drawn, scientific and competitive development models evolved by the State Government. This has helped us to bring about holistic development duly improving the lives of all sections of our people.
The State Government has accorded Education the topmost priority as we have provided free education upto graduation level. Our intention of making education free for all students in Sikkim is to ensure that everyone takes the benefit of the education facilities. The ultimate aim would be to prepare our youths for all season job avenues and opportunity nationally and globally, to make them highly skilled human resource. All job vacancies within the state are being filled up by local Sikkimese. We would require full participation and cooperation from the Sikkimese youths…
Under the Health Sector, the State Government has worked vigorously to implement both preventive and curative health care among our people...
We have decided to upgrade the on-going construction of the 575 hospital into 1000 bedded multi speciality Hospital in Gangtok. The state Government is keen that this hospital also serves as a medical college once the required infrastructure is in place …
One landmark infrastructure that is the development of Skywalk in Bhaleydunga will soon see the light of the day. All clearances from the Government of India including the clearances from the Environment Ministry have come through and this project will start shortly.
This project is one of the topmost priority project of the State Government with a worthwhile vision to propel Sikkim tourism ahead of major competing destination and a landmark eco-tourism product with a high selling proposition. The novelty of the project with infusion of cutting edge technology in eco-friendly manner for promotion of tourism is an iconic brand of Sikkim to attract domestic as well as high end International visitors. The main objectives of the project are, environmental, social and economic with main focus on eco and wildlife tourism. The project aims to develop a world class nature appreciation product to document Sikkim as an ultimate eco-tourism destination. This project has been conceived to showcase nature, eco, wildlife, tourism potential of the State with the theme and objective to explore, admire and preserve nature…
Our mission to make Sikkim a fully Organic State is progressing well. We are at an advanced stage to phase out use of chemical fertilizers and secure organic certification through accredited institutions of the country. This would imply that the entire cultivable area under organic certification programme, collection, storage and marketing of organic produce and promoting brand value of organic local products would receive our total focus.
Kisan Bazars in our districts are being developed as easy outlets for our organic produce to reach national and international markets. We have also taken measures like expanding area under high yielding variety and double cropping to augment our output through off-season cultivation. Our approach has been to produce low volume and high value of organic farm produce. The simultaneous step to integrate our traditional system of animal husbandry into larger mission of organic are underway…
Fellow Sikkimese
After the re-sounding mandate of the Sikkimese people in favour of the Sikkim Democratic Front government, we have already spelt out a large number of policy decisions, many of them with particular reference to provisions contained in Article 371F of the Indian Constitution...
On this occasion, I take this privilege to apprise my fellow citizens about the many policy decisions we have unanimously taken in public interest. Important among them are:
Trade Licences already issued will be renewed on usual terms which can be passed on their descendants. However, for issue of fresh licence, Sikkim Subject Certificate/Certificate of Identification shall be mandatory.
For issue of fresh Taxi / Truck Permit, Sikkim Subject Certificate or Certificate of Identification is mandatory.
For issue of new Enlistment for Contractors, Sikkim Subject Certificate/Certificate of Identification is mandatory.
For issue of new Excise Permits Sikkim Subject Certificate/Certificate of Identification is mandatory.
All existing subsidies/grants will be replaced with cash component and to be availed of by only Sikkim Subject Certificate/Certificate of Identification holders.
Provide 12% job reservation for all the Sikkimese communities living Below Poverty Lines under the state government and public sector undertakings
Ban on all government servants become member of any association
Girls’ College and Vocational College are to be established in the State.
Panchayati Raj Institutions to be further strengthened.
A well-equipped TB Hospital to be constructed.
A Golf Course, a Race Course, a Snake Park and a Theme Park to be built.
Sports Complex to be constructed at various places and sporting events to be taken up regularly across the State.
Government employees to be given medical grant of Rs. 5 lakhs at a time and the family will include only spouse and children and be provided a medical grant of Rs. 2 lakhs at a time.
Formulation of Urban Housing Mission to regulate urban expansion and infrastructure building for urban housing
Construction of Scholars’ Residence at Namgyal Institute of Tibetology
Constitution of Sikkim Music, Drama, Dance and Film Board to encourage and train the youths of Sikkim in the fields duly promoting Sikkimese cultural and folk dance, songs, music etc.
Constitution of Sikkim Culture, heritage and Communal Harmony Board to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the State and also to promote amity and brotherhood among the Indian citizens
Establishment of Sikkim Youth Development Board for holistic development of youth of Sikkim with aim and objective to encourage and assist them discover and harness their skills and talents
Establishment of Capacity Building, Skill Development, Training, Placement & Youth Empowerment Board to further consolidate gains and achievement we have made so far.
Second Saturday declared as working day in all government offices, public sector undertakings and educational institutions to enhance work efficiency and quick delivery of public services and public goods

It has been 39 years since Sikkim became a part of this great nation. We have made great strides and progress since then. We have achieved many milestones. Perhaps no other border State can boast of the low crime rate coupled with stable law and order situation that Sikkim enjoys today…
My aim is to develop Sikkim’s economy through nature friendly, green industries such as eco-tourism, floriculture, organic farming, hydro power generation, eco-friendly pharmaceuticals and the likes.
Our next target and inevitable challenge is to make Sikkim a model State in the country. Hence, on this auspicious occasion, I appeal to all my fellow citizens to contribute and work hard towards achieving this noble goal.
Fellow Sikkimese
You are aware of our Sikkim Organic Mission as we are encouraged by our Hon’ble Prime Minister who has praised our efforts at the regional and national level. During his address in Parliament on June 11, 2014, the Prime Minister spoke highly of Sikkim and suggested that the other North Eastern States should voluntarily follow the Sikkim Model in organic farming…
Again, the Prime Minister’s special mention of organic farming in Sikkim in his address in Nepal recently calls for added vigour, commitment and encouragement on our part to sincerely pursue our goal of total organic state…
At this juncture, I also caution my fellow Sikkimese to the mounted propaganda and misinformation and irresponsible campaign unleashed by certain section of vested interest group against organic mission. May I call upon all the people, civil society members including the opposition, to see and appreciate merit in our intention and our sincerity to pursue our goal. We have chosen to tread the untrodden path of going organic in the context of widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides all around. That means, we have no model to follow and no example to emulate. Today, we are the innovators, the pathfinders and the first State in the Country to come up with organic farming practices. Let us not try to dig up negativity and not try to stall this process. We are open to any suggestions or advice to further improve our methodology. I appeal to all that going organic must be our collective resolve and we are moving close to accomplish this aim.
Today, the State is more politically mature and economically well positioned, integrated and globalised amidst an atmosphere of happiness and peace. We have responsibilities and we must carry them out to the best of our abilities for the benefit of the people and the State.
In terms of development indicators, we have been one of the best in the Country. Cutting across sectors, we have achieved commendable success and today Sikkim is on a high pedestal of growth and progress. Leaders nationally and internationally have been hugely impressed by our development models and the achievements made in various sectors. Nobel Laureate Prof. Amartya Sen called us “one of the brilliantly performing parts of the Country and indeed in the world.”
During the release function of Second Sikkim Human Development Report on February 26, 2014, Ms. Lise Grande, UNDP Resident Coordinator, congratulated the Sikkim Government and its leadership in ample measures. She said, “Sikkim is growing and growing fast. In less than ten years, Sikkim has grown more than 15 percent each year. This is one of the highest rates among all Indian States and one of the highest in all of Asia.”
On this great occasion of Independence Day, I congratulate the people of Sikkim for their consistency and hard work to reach this level of development and progress.
During the last twenty years, we have nurtured Sikkim into oasis of peace and communal harmony. All these years, we have nurtured this environment without any compromise. We are aware of this. However, of late, there is indication of growing political extremism, intolerance, disturbance and criminal activities fanned and promoted by certain group of people in the name of politics and political propaganda. This does not augur well for our future. We must guard against this tendency collectively and commit ourselves to safeguarding peace and security prevalent in the State. On this occasion, I call upon all my fellow Sikkimese to respect and promote amity and brotherhood like always and never fall prey to unfounded provocation.
Peaceful law and order and protection of the environment, political stability and good governance are the prime factors needed to foster development and prosperity. I am confident that towards these goals you will join hands with me in making Sikkim like a heaven on earth in times to come. Towards these goals, my Government has steadfastly worked ever since with positive outcomes.
Recently, I had the opportunity of interacting with many Central leaders and Ministers in the Government of India, New Delhi. I once again placed and reiterated the socio-economic and political demands of the State Government before the Central leadership…
Fellow Sikkimese
Sikkim is now well positioned to lead the Countrymen in many sectors. This has been possible due to the consistent support and assistance of the Sikkimese people to the Sikkim Democratic Front-led government. As we celebrate the 68th Independence Day of this great Nation, let us rededicate ourselves to the collective task of nation building. And with the unprecedented mandate of the people of Sikkim, we are all poised for the hard work and dedication to take Sikkim to the next level of development and progress. By the year 2020, we would like to make Sikkim as the first economically independent state of the Country. By the year 2020, we will transform Sikkim into an intellectual capital of the Country. And in 2020, we will endeavour to make Sikkim socially emancipated and self-reliant state.
With freedom also comes responsibility. Therefore, may I call upon my fellow Sikkimese to be fully responsible in our words and deeds to never tarnish the good image of the State. As free citizens left to our discretion and wisdom, people belonging to different sections and different political alignment must be united when it comes to the larger issue of Sikkim and the collective interest of the Sikkimese people.
With firm belief and confidence of support from all sections of people, I once again congratulate my fellow citizens and express my best wishes to the people of the State on this happy and joyous occasion.
Thank you
Jai Hind

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