Thursday, August 21, 2014

Make CoI mandatory in other spheres too, suggests SIBLAC

GANGTOK, 20 Aug: Welcoming fee exemption for college students belonging to Sikkim, Sikkim Bhutia Lepcha Apex Committee [SIBLAC] has urged the state government to “apply the same yardstick” in according all kinds of beneficiary measures and other initiatives in the state.
In a press release, SIBLAC has said that this would “rejuvenate the effect and significance of these most crucial documents like Sikkim Subject Certificate and Certificate of Identification”. It has also said that this decision of the government should not be taken otherwise by those students not possessing these necessary documents as a matter of “discreet right of the Sikkimese people”. “Every state and government has the sacred responsibility of safeguarding its native people,” the release argues.
Quoting a newspaper [Himalayan Mirror] report of 2013, SIBLAC claims that there are 1,50,469 “fraudsters” in Sikkim who hold fake CoIs and Sikkim Subject Certificates. The state government should verify these and take proper action as per the law of the land and come out with a White Paper on the issue, the release states.
These measures will curtail the ever increasing influx thereby establishing a sense of pride and security amongst the Sikkimese people, according to SIBLAC.

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