Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On-farm trial of improved wedge plough

GANGTOK, 19 Aug: The College of Agricultural Engineering Post Harvest Technology (CAEPHT), Central Agricultural University (CAU) centre of the All India Coordinated Research Project on Utilization of Animal Energy conducted on-farm trial of CAEPHT design animal drawn improved wedge plough at farmer’s (Roopnarayan Bhattarai) field in Samlik village of East-Sikkim on Monday.
As per a press release, the on-farm trial was conducted by Principal Investigator, Er. SK Chauhan and other associated staff of AICRP on UAE.
The CAEPHT design animal drawn improved wedge plough consisting of handle, shoe, share and beam (overall dimension: handle height 80 cm, shoe length with share 60 cm, width 21cm Weight: 12 kg, unit Price Rs 800) was tested for primary tillage operation (deep tillage) in terraces of Sikkim.
The physiological parameters of bullocks (respiration rate, pulse rate, body temperature, physical distress symptoms and others) in rest and after work were measured and observed that plough was convenient to pull without any distress by local bullock of Sikkim.
Improved wedge plough is suitable for terrace land of hilly track due to light in weight. It is useful for ploughing irrigated land also during field preparation for paddy crop since it does not leave back furrow and dead furrow in the field.
The work rate of wedge plough was 0.03 hectare (300 sq. meters) per hour at average draft of plough was found 52 kg corresponding to depth of operation of 150 mm. It showed that the available area may be better managed by adoption of animal drawn improved wedge plough which would reduce the drudgery and cover more area in a season for cultivation.
The cost of operation has been estimated at Rs.2000 per hectare using improved wedge plough. This equipment is an improved version of traditional plough made of mild steel which provided more working width (210 mm) as compared to traditional plough (deshi plough) having (100 mm width, work rate 0.025 hectare per hour at average draft of 40 kg with a depth of operation of 110 mm).
The improved wedge plough was operated in 150 sq.m area. The net saving in cost of operation by improved CAEPHT design plough is estimated as Rs. 500 per hectare over traditional plough (Rs. 2500/ha). The plough has been found to be best suitable for operation under friable moisture content of the soil (24% dry basis) in the field.

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