Thursday, August 20, 2015

We succeeded where SDF and SKM have failed, GAC counters

The immediate years after an election are usually less about politicking and more about announcements and new beginnings. The current term in Sikkim has however developed a knack to keep “politics” alive even if it is by dusting up issues and attitudes which have been with Sikkim ever since it has been a democracy. Even as the in-office Sikkim Democratic Front and opposition Sikkim Krantikari Morcha play the allegation-counter allegation game on a spool, joining the mix now is the Gorkha Apex Committee, which, on 20 August, condemned and refuted allegations of its being aligned to SKM attributed to Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.
In fact, in a press communiqué issued by its chief convenor Passang Sherpa, the organisation counters that at different times, both, the SDF and the SKM, have accused GAC of being a “unit” of the other. This, GAC believes, because “they [SDF and SKM] are unable to digest the fact that the Gorkha Apex Committee has been able to reach the voice of the Sikkimese people to both National and State level at a time when political parties of Sikkim have utterly failed to do so”.
“As per the Constitution of India, every individual/community have right to form their organisation and raise their voice at appropriate forum and no one should try to suppress the voice of people if they respect and are abide by the Constitution of India. Lastly, Gorkha Apex Committee demands debate to reach an amicable solution on the issues rather than accusing each other,” the release concludes.

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