Saturday, August 22, 2015

Aisa bhi hota hain :-o

Right in the middle of watching a documentary that mocks most things religious [Religulous by Borat director, Larry Charles] I get a call from a friend who is not in station.
“Hey, I hear it has been raining continuously there for the past few days but it is not raining today, right?” she asks.
I am a little baffled about why she is so interested in the weather; but she is right, it didn't rain on Sunday. At least, not during the day.
There will be no rain on Monday either she continues.
Now I am curious.
She reveals that one of her relatives has passed away and a Rinpoche has conducted prayers to stop the rain for two days. Remember, I am half way through watching Religulous, so, I say okay, there is no rain today, let's see what happens tomorrow.
Monday comes and there is no rain.       
Much as Bill Maher cracked me up in the docu, my dearest friend sewed me right back up. 

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