Friday, January 9, 2015

There is Pranesh as well aiming for motorsport glory, astride a motorbike!

GANGTOK, 09 Jan: Pranesh Dahal from Ranipool too, like Chewang Lama of Gangtok [click here for story], is smitten by the racetrack, and unlike previous generations which watched and maybe betted, Pranesh too is more keen on closer contact with the tarmac. Following the blogpost on Chewang, Pranesh shared an update on his racing prospects as well.
“As I came across Chewang Lama post in the journey of motorsport it made me immensely happy to have someone who took up the career in motorsport,” he shares.
Pranesh has been racing motorcycles since 2013 after training at Apex Racing India in the Kari Motor Speedway of Coimbatore.

He thanks his parents for supporting him despite his unconventional, and admittedly dangerous, choice of vocation. He also shares that while many might find motorcycle racing to be a dangerous sport, he considers it safe because of his training and protective gear.
“We crash, but get up and complete the race,” he quips.
The motorcycle race program in India is categorized into One Make Race and National Championship, he explains, both of which are supported by Honda, TVS and Yamaha.
How has he fared? “My best position was 4th and it's a good position so far as there are riders from all over India who compete here. The races are held at Buddh International Circuit, Madras Motor Race Track and Kari Motor Speedway by JK Tyre and Federation of Motorsports Club of India,” he states.

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