Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Schools close, SDF and SKM open debate on teacher transfers

GANGTOK, 06 Jan: Sikkim Democratic Front party has reiterated that the state government has made its stand and the objective behind the teacher transfers clear and that the opposition is only trying to politicize the issue to serve its selfish interests. The SKM, meanwhile, has rejected the SDF explanation as illogical and unacceptable.
In a press release issued on Monday, the ruling party has said that the decision to transfer teachers was taken in order to ensure that all schools in the State have adequate number of teachers. The party has further stated that transfers are an administrative subject and the process is taking place as per the law. It has said that protesting against this step taken by the government was “unfortunate”. 
SDF has further stressed that the transfers have been done at the right time i.e during the winter break which will give the transferred teachers enough time to make the required arrangements and also avoid hampering studies. 
The press release maintains that the teachers have already accepted the decision of the government and alleges that some “irresponsible” people are instigating them.
On the other hand, the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha has termed the reasons given by SDF for the transfers as “irresponsible and unacceptable”. The party has demanded the state government to come up with a proper transfer policy before issuing transfer orders to the government servants, failing which, the party will take up “appropriate action” in the days to come.
The party has alleged that the transfers are only meant to send a message that all teachers and government employees are at the mercy of the ruling party.
“It is a barbaric manifestation of SDF party’s vengeance over innocent teachers and government employees,” contends an SKM press release issued today. Responding to SDF’s argument that the transfers seek to improve the performance of government schools, the party has said that the exit of numerous teachers from an institution at a time would destabilize the academic set maintained by that institution which would directly hamper the academic performance of the students.
SKM further alleges that the recent list of transferred teachers was prepared not by the concerned department officials, but by the SDF party workers and panchayats in consultation with the constituency MLAs.

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