Thursday, August 28, 2014


I wish to bring to the notice of the Minister, Area MLA, concerned Zilla Adhyaksha, department and sub-division office, the woes of the commuters living in Gairi Gaon, Kerabari, Kingsa and Dokchin in North Regu under Chujachen constituency.
The rural road from Aroobotey to Dokchin started three years back in 2011 and not even a kilometer of it can be used. The track is risky because of landslides, shooting boulders and the situation is worse during monsoons.
Rural connectivity with all possible facilities is the object of construction of roads in rural areas and it may not be much of a hassle to the land owners by converting fields into rocks, felling trees at the whim of the labourers. The requests of the villagers/ land owners for compensation always fall on deaf ears of the sub-division office and the concerned panchayat. The danger of land sinking and slides in the absence of drainage, protective walls to contain further deterioration of environment continues. The commuters think that the need of converting an already existing small RCC bridge at take off right flank of the road to a steel bridge is not so urgent. Instead the condition of the road should be improved at least for pedestrians. The slow progress of work in the past 36 months is deplorable.
It is an urgent need of the hour to monitor each and every project of the rural areas.
BB Rai [recvd on mail]

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