Friday, September 5, 2014

ULBs finally empowered to issue and cancel trade licenses

The Urban Development and Housing Department has now authorized Urban Local Bodies [ULB] to issue and cancel trade and hawker licenses in their jurisdiction. Earlier, only the Secretary was empowered to issue trade and hawker licenses.
In a gazette notification issued on 14 August, the state government has empowered the Urban Local Bodies to issue trade and hawker licenses within their jurisdiction to local applicants possessing Sikkim Subject Certificate or Certificate of Identification as per clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 31 of the Sikkim Municipalities Act, 2007, read with Rule 4 of the Sikkim Trade License and Miscellaneous (Provision) Rules, 2011.
However, in case of old settlers or businessmen residing in the state of Sikkim prior to 1975 having Residential Certificates, the state government has decided to issue or cancel trade licenses only after obtaining approval from the Licensing Authority i.e the Secretary, UD&HD, under relevant Act and Rules regarding the issue and cancellation of Trade License and Hawker License.
Another notification published on the same date says that haat days in all Bazaars of Sikkim will henceforth be held only on Sundays.

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