Friday, September 5, 2014


NOW: How does it feel to be selected to represent the Chief Minister’s home constituency? Did you know in advance that you would be the party candidate?
KUMARI MANGER: No, I did not even expect it, but now that I have been chosen, I feel very proud to be selected by the party president as the SDF candidate for this election. I am very happy and thankful to our Maiti Raja [Pawan Chamling].

What do you think Rangang-Yangyang needs from its representative? What role do you see yourself playing if you win?
Rangang Yangang needs a public friendly leader who knows what the dreams and aspirations of the poor are. I will always be there for the public of this constituency and work as a bridge between the government and the people. I know the problems of the bastiwalas because I am one of them and have grown up in villages and I will work hard to meet the expectations of the party president.

Some very big projects are coming up here – the SU campus and the Skywalk project for instance; both are also much delayed - how do you propose to ensure proper implementation should you win?
Both the projects are huge and rely heavily on the central government. But I will try my level best.

The obvious question that everyone has - why did you leave SKM and join BJP?
Firstly, the State BJP and BJP high command were interested in fielding me as their candidate in this election with the support of SKM. BJP being a national party believes in expanding its reach to every part of the country and to get my candidature approved by the central high command is a prestigious accomplishment. The BJP-SKM alliance will not only benefit Sikkim in this election but it will have wider positive outcomes in the future as well especially in the fight against 20 years of corruption and nepotism.

BJP failed rather miserably in April 2014 while you and SKM did reasonably well. How do you plan to improve on BJP’s electoral performance in Sikkim?
I agree that BJP lost miserably in the April polls but after the party made a clean sweep at the centre there has been increasing enthusiasm in joining BJP in the state. There are many plans which I have discussed with the central high command in my recent visit to Delhi and am in constant touch with them over the phone. SKM alliance with BJP has also aroused interest in many youngsters to join BJP in the near future. It is expected that a sizeable number of people will join the state BJP as party workers.
What will be your main campaign plank and approach?
The main agenda for my election campaign will be SKM-BJP alliance which proposes to eradicate corruption in the state and calls for CBI investigations to be allowed in Sikkim. I will also tell people about the positive impacts of the BJP government in the country like launching of programmes like Jan Dhan Yojana.

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