Friday, September 5, 2014

Tackling addiction with drama


The Principal of Tadong Senior Secondary School (TSSS), Doma Lhamu Zimba officially launched the posters of the 2-hour long play on drug addiction and alcoholism, “Hajam ko Darpan ma Hamro Chaya - A Reflection of Self” here at the school auditorium on Thursday afternoon.
The play is written and directed by Jiwan Rai, a teacher here at TSSS, and will be enacted by students of the school. The play will be staged at Sikkim Government College Auditorium from 16 to 20 August.
While stating that SAATHI, an anti-drugs programme after its launch at the school had helped in changing the mentality of many students to a great extent, Ms Zimba added that the students from Tadong Senior Secondary school had thus endeavored to take on the challenge of generating awareness amongst the masses through the play scheduled to be held at the college auditorium at 5pm on different dates.
“This is a play which will help other children realize that addiction is a lethal killer and highlight the message of a drug free society. Since everyone has a part to play, the children and our school faculty decided that this play would be the ideal way to disseminate awareness at a larger level,” added the principal. The entire production team for the play is from Tadong School with various production inputs like music and sound from professional artists.

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  1. They were such a nice and memorable drama towards drug adiction and i proud myself because i also the pard of this lovely drama i also doing a drug mafya as a roll called "Kundulay'' yeah its a nice and remember part of my life ;-)


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