Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sikkim to introduce e-filing of Sales Tax, VAT and Environment Cess

GANGTOK, 17 July: Filing of taxes such as Sales tax, VAT and even the Environment Cess payable by dealers and enterprises will be a lot simpler with the government preparing for the e- filing of such tax returns, payments and assessments. 
The state government has effected an amendment to various tax related Acts and rules including the Sikkim Sales Tax Rules, 1983, Sikkim Value Added Tax Rules, 2005 and the Sikkim Ecology Fund and Environment Cess Rules, 2007 which would save a lot of paperwork for businessmen and the concerned department alike when it comes to tax related functions under these rules. By the insertion of a new rule, enterprises, dealers and traders will be enabled with the facility of being able to file application for registration including payment of taxes etc with the Commercial Tax Division by electronic communication media.
Filing of tax returns, declarations, registrations, assessments which come under the Acts related to these rules will be a lot simpler with the provision of accepting the same through electronic communication media. As per the new rule, the various processes which can be done electronically include application for registration, generation of declaration forms, payment of tax, filing applications for refunds, filing of periodical returns, framing of assessments and any other purpose as may be notified by the Commissioner.
The concerned authority will, however, have to issue necessary procedures for the various tax related functions by way of notification to make them effective and to bring them into practice by dealers and business houses. While these are still awaited it is definitely a good move which should make life so much more simpler for the dealers with the option to file their taxes and returns etc electronically and also save a lot of paper work.

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  1. First let the government short out the e-payment gateway of Power department on thier website,so that people don't have to Que up in the SBS branch of the state.


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