Monday, May 25, 2015

Not everyone is a topper…

…but if you look around, there are options for everyone


The ICSE class XII results are out and like every year news is abuzz with lists of toppers with ridiculously high scores. Schools set out to outdo each other releasing names of their toppers. In the midst of all this, we give little thought to students who have just about managed to scrape through or who have made “average” scores. While toppers debate on which course or college to choose from among the many options they now have, for the larger majority, nerve-wracking times lie ahead.
It is however, not the time to feel bogged down. There are many avenues to explore that do not necessarily require high scores. Not all toppers become super successful and if you look around you will see many people who did not ace their XII exams but are still making a good living. Most students look at pursuing higher studies in conventional courses as the be all and end all. However, there are many alternative courses which are as good.
Principal Secretary, Human Resources Development Department, GP Upadhyaya assures that the state government is well prepared to ensure admission into colleges to all Class XII pass-outs of the state.
“Students who don’t score well need not panic, they have many options to choose from. There’s ATTC Bardang, CCCT Chisopani, Law college. They can opt for Diploma in Education at DIET which will qualify them to teach at primary level. We are also planning to conduct a six-month crash course in pharmaceuticals at ATTC which will equip them to work for pharma companies here. There are the livelihood schools as well. Till now, 6600 youth have been trained in the last five years in the livelihood schools. Out of this, 2000 have been placed in different companies. Most of the remaining students are self-employed”. 
Low scores in class XII does not mean that you cannot hope to do an M.A or even write a PhD thesis, you should consider where your strengths lie and where they don’t. There is nothing wrong in recognizing your weaknesses; in fact, this can make you stronger and wiser. If you think a conventional course like a B.A in English or B.Sc in Physics is not for you, it is okay. There are many technical courses that can give you skills which could help you even better than good scores or a conventional degree. Automobile engineering, web designing, animation, banking and finance, bioinformatics, apparel and footwear design, multimedia, hospitality industry, the list of such courses is endless. 
Not to take away any of the glory of academics, but in today’s times finding a job supersedes intellectual pursuits for the masses. Unless you are really passionate about studying the society, an M.A in Sociology is less likely to get you a job than web-designing skills. With the latter you could even freelance, something that would be really difficult with, say, Sociology. So, think about where your interests truly lie. Do anything, but be good at it. Enroll in courses and streams that excite and interest you, not just because everyone else is doing so or just because it is available.
In his message to students, Mr. Upadhyaya says, “Don’t lose heart, the world is not meant only for the toppers. There is space for everyone. You must learn some skill to compensate for the low scores. There is no question of losing heart. We at the department can assure that everybody finds a college or course suitable for them”.

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  1. Some students get good result marks and some not, students which is not able to get good marks in the board they also have many options for doing better in life and for the society.School board result is always encouraging students but failed students gets strength how to overcome over that so dont wasting time on thinking just try for better result.


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