Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bon appetite! REBYNA RANA

The latest addition to MG Marg, "Yummy Tummy", has opened on the first floor of the building opposite SBI's Specialized Personal Banking Branch. Apart from the usual momos and Chinese staples like Chow Mein and Chopsuey, the restaurant also serves Newari treats like 'Buff Bhutuwa' - fried buff. There is also the delectable 'Sungur Khutta ko Achaar' or pickled pork trotters on the menu.
An open space overlooking the market seems to be a hot design trend with restaurants in town these days. Like many other places at MG Marg, Yummy Tummy also offers tables on the balcony. Owner of the restaurant, 32-year-old Mitush Gurung, says that he had seen such design at a restaurant in Pokhara [in Nepal] and had always wanted to replicate it at his own restaurant some day. Mitush took it upon himself to design this space while the rest of the restaurant has been designed by architect Anup Tamang.
"The location certainly helps since it is right in the middle of the market. We are getting a lot of locals as well as tourists", says Mitush. The young entrepreneur, who also runs Club King B at Hotel Mayur [Hospital Dara], says there is a lot of scope for the youth in the private sector, adding that a government job would never have given him the kind of independence and satisfaction that he now enjoys.
Yummy Tummy is open from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. Buff Bhutuwa and Sungur Khutta ko Achaar are priced at Rs 150 per plate.

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