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ASGTBA felicitates Paschim Sikkim Sahitya Sansthan founder Kedar Gurung

GANGTOK, 15 April: All Sikkim Gurung [Tamu] Buddhist Association [ASGTBA], today felicitated PadmaShree awardee Kedar Gurung and eight other achievers from the community at a special function held at Sikkim Government College auditorium here at Tadong today chaired by Buildings Minister Tilu Gurung accompanied by former Minister GM Gurung.
Along with Padmashree Kedar Gurung, Ganesh Bahadur Gurung, Naren Gurung, Padamlal Gurung, Snehalata Gurung, Mani Kumar Gurung, Chandrapal Gurung and HL Gurung were felicitated today in recognition of their contributions in their respective fields.
Addressing the gathering, Padmashree Kedar Gurung talked about his journey towards the completion of fifteen books till date and that his plans to continue publishing. He said, “It is such a sad state of affairs today  that we have few readers in Nepali society in comparison to other community.”
He also shared his experiences in the early days of his life. From a teacher to a bookseller, Mr. Gurung has come a long way with some sweet memories and bitter experiences.
Kedar Gurung, along with like-minded friends had established ‘Paschim Sikkim Sahitya Sansthan’, [an organization to serve literature] in West Sikkim. The organization has a rich history of paving the way for many newcomers.
“I am happy at being able to remain active and creative to this date, a journey that began in the early 70’s”, expressed the writer who could not hide his emotions.
Mr. Gurung gave up his teaching profession for his love for Nepali literature and started a book shop. He has so far published 15 collections. “I had the experience of running a book shop in a society that does not read books. Our society has been on the back foot only because of the tendency of earning easy money which has made us idle,” he commented.
Mr Gurung informed that the Prakashan has been working on an ambitious project of bringing out a book detailing the lives of great personalities of Indian Gorkha/ Nepali community who have made great contributions to the country.
Minister, Housing and Buildings, Tilu Gurung, who presided over the programme today, urged the people of the community to think and work for the community. She appealed to the youth to follow the path shown by Kedar Gurung. “He is a role model and an idol for all,” she said.
The association also felicitated former Minister Padam Lall Gurung, Ganesh Bahadur Gurung [teacher], Naren Gurung [musician], National youth Award winner Mani Kumar Gurung, Snehalata Gurung [teacher], HL Gurung [teacher] and Chandra Pal Gurung [policeman].
Earlier, president of the association, HB Gurung, general secretary Dev Gurung, Goverdhan Gurung and others addressed the occasion
A litterateur of repute, Padamshree Kedar Gurung was born on 09 July 1948 in Sardong village of West Sikkim. He was recently conferred the Padmashree in literature. He received his primary education from Lingchom school, finishing his matriculation from Turnbull High School, Darjeeling in 1960 and going on to graduate from Government College, Darjeeling.
Padamlal Gurung was born on 11 November 1942 in Sardong basti Geyzing, West Sikkim. A politician now, he became noticed first during his stint as a police officer. After joining politics, he served as a Minister from 1985 to 1989.
Naren Gurung was born on 21 January 1957 in Chakhung, West Sikkim and has made his mark in the field of music. His credentials as a creative artist include a diploma in Sashtriya Sangeet and Sangeet Natak Akademy Award in 2004.
81 years old Ganesh Bahadur Gurung is a retired teacher who received a National award in 1990.
Chandrapal Gurung was born on 18 September 1955 in Tallo Sukrabarey, South Sikkim and had joined Sikkim Police in 1974. He received president’s police medal award from the president  on 26th January 2011.
HL Gurung born in 1935 in Lower Sadam received National Education Award from former President R. Venkataraman. Sikkim government too felicitated him in the field of education.
Snehalata Gurung was born on 20 December, 1950 in West district. She received National level award on March 2010 from Delhi in the field of education.
Mani Kumar Gurung was born on 12 December 1978 in Lower Dalapchand. He was actively involved in Nehru Yuva Kendra who received national level award in 2004 from Sports and Youths Affairs department, Government of India for his service to the sports field.

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  1. best wishes to padmasree kedar gurung.i got the opportunity to translate his poem "my face for sale"in to my mother tongue,malayalam which has been selected for the poets conference,in connection with our republic day is very beautiful and energetic poem which is addressing the modern media.


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