Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Notice from State Election Commission on electoral rolls for municipal elections

In view of ensuing election to Municipalities, 2015 in the state of Sikkim, programme for preparation of electoral rolls are as under:
1.      Preparation of Draft Rolls after integration
 of all supplementary  up to 2015                              :           12.02.2015

2.      Segregation of Ward Wise Electoral Rolls
 from Mother Electoral Rolls through NIC              :           13.02.2015 to 20.02.2015
3.      Data Entry/preparation of Manuscript (NIC)          :           21.02.2015 to 02.03.2015
4.      Draft Publication                                                         :           05.03.2015
5.      Filing of claims & Objections                                    :           06.03.2015 to 15.03.2015
6.      Disposal of claims & objections                               :           16.03.2015 to 20.03.2015
7.       Final publication:                                                        :           27.03.2015

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