Saturday, February 14, 2015

Milan’s stunts to thrill Superbike International Show in Shillong!

Milan Pradhan, the 26 year old stunt bike rider from Tashiding, is a respected name among bikers in Sikkim and has thrilled audiences across the State with his flawless stunt routines. Now, he is gearing up to debut in an international event, revving his Bajaj Pulsar 220 to impress among an array of superbikes which are being lined up for the “Superbike International Show” slated to be held on 14 and 15 February in Shillong. The event, organized by the XBHP, Shillong, has Milan excited because this will be the first time he competes in an international event.
Speaking to NOW!, Milan shares: “I am thrilled on having received an opportunity to showcase my skills on such a big platform. I know this is my first time being invited to perform among prominent and established international stunt riders, but an confident that I will make a good impression. This will be my big moment not just to impress, but also to learn from the best in the line”.
Milan, as mentioned, will be riding his trusted Bajaj Pulsar 220. Going up against him will be riders astride superbikes which pack in many more CC’s and cost many more lakhs. But what he lacks in CC’s, Milan is confident to make up with his passion, because even though this might be his first “international event”, Milan is no amateur when it comes to stunt riding on the big stage.
He was recent in Shillong, on 17 January, for the “Stunt Brawl Competition” where he took the fourth position from among 38 national level competitors. Barely a couple of days before that, he performed in Rhenock for a charity show on 15 January. He states that he received a lot of love and blessings from the elders and fans there, and carries these best wishes with him to the new gig in Shillong.
With stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer and Ghost Riderz, an Indian stunt squad, as his inspirations, Milan powers on in his chosen field despite a continuing lack of understanding about his passion here. That has however not stopped him from having performed more than 50 shows in Sikkim, across the country and even in Nepal. To those aspiring to learn stunt riding, he advises that safety be never compromised and practice never shrugged.
As for now, all the best for Shillong!

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