Monday, November 3, 2014

Kids play Deusey for other kids

This Diwali/ Teohar would have been all the same but for the two-day effort in cold weather by a group of eight  kids, aged between 6 to 11 years, who went around playing Deusey and raising money not for themselves but in a more noble pursuit. Their hard work yielded sufficient cash for them to purchase 89 sets of good quality woolen caps and mufflers for the 89 kids at Miss Keepu’s Lepcha Cottage at Chandmari. They went there on 26 Oct (Sunday) and handed over these as gifts purchased from their own earnings. The group consisted of Lakshya Shaurya Agarwal (Class V  - TNA), Abhisek Agarwal (Class V - Mt. Zion Kidzee), Mrinal Agarwal, Tanisha Agarwal, Vansh Verma, Vanshika Verma (Class IV- TNA),  Kashish Agarwal and Akansha Verma (Class I - TNA).

[shared by Anita Agarwal, Mother of Lakshya Shaurya]

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