Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gangtok Agarwals celebrate their Kul Guru

The Agarwal segment of the Marwari community in the capital celebrated the 5,138th birth anniversary of their Kul Guru, Maharaja Agrasen, with much grandeur here at Hotel Rendezvous on 25 September. This is for the first time that the birth anniversary is being celebrated in the state. The celebration was organized by the newly formed Sikkim Agarwal Kutumbh.
The Agarwal sect in the Marwari community is believed to have directly descended from Maharaja Agrasen who was a Vyasa king of the Surya Vansh who adopted Vanika Dharma for the benefit of his people. Literally, Agrawal means the “children of Agra[sena]” or the “people of Ag”, a city in ancient Kuru Panchala, near what is now Hissar in Haryana, and which is believed to have been founded by Agrasena.
“This is for the first time that we are observing this auspicious day in the state, however, this day is celebrated in grandeur throughout the country and abroad also,” states Amar Agarwal, coordinator of the Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti Samaroh.
He also informs that Maharaja Agrasen was a legendary Indian king of Agroha, a city of traders, from whom the Agarwal and Agrahari communities are descended. He is known for his compassion in refusing to slaughter animals in Yajnas. The Government of India issued a postage stamp in honor of Maharaja Agresen in 1976 on the occasion of his 5100th birth anniversary.
“Around 500 Agarwals from in and around Gangtok are participating in the function during which the life history of the legendary king and his valuable preaching will be delivered. This is also an opportunity to bring all the Agarwals under one umbrella, something that has not been done for a long time now,” states Amar Agarwal.
He adds that the Sikkim Agarwal Kutumbh has been formed with an objective to unite the Agarwal community in the state and further work towards the welfare and social upliftment of many in the community who were financially unstable.

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