Monday, October 12, 2015

SDF reclaims Gangtok

Gangtok had served up a rout to the SDF in the assembly elections last year. The ruling party lost from all the assembly constituencies clustered around the capital which is probably why the SKM supporters would have expected the GMC to include some SKM councillors. That was not to be as Gangtokians appear to have taken the municipal elections as an opportunity to get back into the "SDF camp". While few would have expected municipal voters to go against the party already in power in the State, the thoroughness of the SDF victory must have surprised even SDF party workers. This is how Gangtok voted>>>

Upper Burtuk [OBC][S]
Pradeep Chhetri [SDF-1,571]           
Nell Bdr. Chettri [SKM-751]              

Lower Burtuk [ST]
Rinzing Chewang Bhutia [SDF- 212]
Kishore Tamang [SKM- 88]
Tashi Lepcha [IND-140]

Lower Sichey-I [OBC][C]                    
Prasant Rai [SDF, 657]
Kala Rai [SKM, 427]

Lower Sichey-II [ST][W]                     
Dawthi Bhutia [SDF- 591]
Hang Sama Subba [SKM- 227]          

Upper Sichey [OBC][S][W]               
Hem Kumari Chettrini [SDF- 1,545]
Aruna Chettri [SKM- 943]                    

Chandmari [ST]
Kunzang Namgyal Bhutia [SDF- 1,817]
Wongdi Lepcha [SKM- 547]               

Development Area [OBC][S][W]   
Lalita Bahun [SDF- 1,538]
Deo Kumari Pradhan [SKM-753]     

D.P.H. [SC]                                               
Milan Kumar Khati [SDF- 833]          
Sagar Portel [SKM- 421]                     

Arithang [OBC][C]                                
Asish Hirang Rai [SDF- 2,177]            
Govind Pd. Alley [SKM- 564]            

Lower M.G. Marg [UR][W]               
Sandhya Rani Prasad [SDF- 1,417]
Sara Lama [SKM- 746]                         

Upper M.G. Marg [UR]                       
Shakti Singh Chaudhary [SDF- 843]
Amar Agarwal [SKM- 506]                 

Tibet Road [ST]                                      
Sonam Dadul Pulger [SDF- 708]
Kado Tsh. Barfungpa [SKM- 311]    

Deorali [UR][W]                                    
Mingma Lhamu Bhutia [SDF- 1,100]
Poonam Lama [SKM- 583]
Malina Lepcha [BJP- 47]

Dara Gaon [OBC][C]
Dhiraj Gurung [SDF- 1,923]
Kharka Singh Gurung [SKM- 409]
Peter Rai [BJP- 44]
Sanjit Rai [IND- 117]
Deepak Rai [IND- 44]

Tadong [OBC][S][W]
Geeta Devi Tewari [SDF- 1,542]
Ranjana Pradhan [SKM- 275]
Uma Devi Dhakal [IND- 177]
Bhim Kri. Sharma [IND- 744]
Chandra Kala Sharma [IND-98]

Ranipool [OBC][C][W]
Buddha Maya Mukhia  [Sunwar][SDF- 1,650]
Bhawana Rai [SKM- 239]

Syari-Tathangchen [ST][W]
Lashey Doma Bhutia [SDF- 1,420]
Tashi Lhamu Lepcha [SKM- 486]

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