Monday, October 12, 2015

Jorethang votes SDF

Jorethang was projected as a municipal council where the Opposition SKM was expected to do well, and while it did give a fight to the SDF in some wards there, it was never really a serious contender as the results show. SDF candidates won all seats, with even the toughest ward to win going to SDF with 60% of the votes.

Shantinagar [UR]
Bharat Prasad [SDF- 465]
Sunil Kumar Gupta [SKM- 320]

Trikaleshwar [OBC][S]
Ganesh Adhikari [SDF- 549]
Laxmi Prasad Sharma [SKM- 180]

Daragaon [ST][W]                                 
Pema Tamang [SDF- 487]
Reena Lepcha [SKM- 193]

Majhigaon East [OBC][C]                   
Tika Gurung [SDF- 355]
David Gurung [SKM- 115]

Majhigaon West [SC][W]                  
Pinkey Shilal [SDF- 337]
Rosila Kami [SKM- 114]

Sisney Naya Bazar-B [UR][W]
Purnima Pradhan[SDF- 151]
Chanda Tamang [SKM- 102]

Sisney Naya Bazar-A [OBC][C][W]
Pabitra Rai [SDF- 398]
Shyam Kumari Chettri [SKM- 155]

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