Monday, October 12, 2015

It started from Gyalshing

Counting for the municipal polls began at 8 a.m. from Gyalshing and the results for the two wards that required to go to poll there set the day up for an SDF clean sweep. The ruling party was expected to win the Gyalshing Municipal Council since the 5 wards already won uncontested made the voting for the two remaining wards a mere formality. And still, the municipal council saw the highest voter turnout at 77.01% and served up a staggering win for SDF. This is how the Gyalshing Municipal Council is now staffed...

Tikjuk [ST][W]
Zangmu Bhutia [SDF- Uncontested]                                                               

Byadong [SC][W]
Nirmala Hingmang [SDF- Uncontested]                                                         

Central Gyalshing [UR][W]              
Sarda Agarwal [SDF- 316]
Khina Maya Sharma [SKM- 24]

Naya Bazar [ST][W]                              
Dhukila Bhutia [SDF- Uncontested]                                                                 

New Gyalshing [OBC][S]
I.K. Neopaney [SDF- 396]
Devendra Pd. Sharma [SKM- 26]

Lower Kyongsa [ST]
Sanjay Limboo [SDF- Uncontested]                                                                

Upper Kyongsa [OBC][C]
Roshan Gurung [SDF- Uncontested]                                                              

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