Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Navy recruitment drive busts fake certificate racket

Scrutiny of documents by the recruitment and the district authorities during the Navy recruitment drive at Paljor Stadium today [14 Oct 2015] led to the discovery of a candidate who had managed to secure fake domiciles and educational certificates. What is more, he is suspected to have been one among at least six who had been provided with fake documents to attempt getting recruited from Sikkim.
A press release received from Colonel DN Bhutia, Secretary, Rajya Sainik Board, Gangtok, informs that individuals from various places outside Sikkim were found to be participating in the recruitment process for the Indian Navy held at Paljor Stadium today. Srikant Chittri, claiming to be from Nandugoan, Namchi South Sikkim who succeeded in getting into the written examination stage was discovered to have presented fake certificates, the release informs.
Col. Bhutia adds that the said individual further revealed that there were six boys from outside Sikkim, some of them hailing from as far away as Delhi, Guwahati, Siliguri and Kolkata, who were attempting to get recruited on the basis of fake documents introducing them as belonging to Sikkim.
The release states that a person going by the name “Chanchal” from Namchi is eported to have contacted them claiming that he was running a school in Namchi and that he could get them recruited in the Defence Forces on the payment of Rs 30,000 per candidate and he could issue all the required certificates.
The copy of the Certificate of Identification presented by Srikant Chittri as also the high school and higher secondary school certificates [issued by Central Senior Model School, Namchi] were found to be fake. There is no such school in Namchi, it is informed.
The said individual has been handed over to the police.

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