Thursday, September 1, 2011

Strategic Policing Plan for Sikkim cops

ANAND OBEROIGANGTOK, 31 Aug: With an expressed aim to achieve “excellence in policing” and ensure professionally competent, impartial, motivated and an incorruptible police force which will deal with the present and emerging security challenges to ensure peace and tranquility for unhindered development of the state, the Strategic Policing Plan for Sikkim was presented in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly on 29 August.
An analysis by the force had highlighted areas of weakness in the current policing system and proposed an Annual Policing Sub-plan to address these weaknesses adequately.

Crowded Out by Cars

There is a footpath lining the highway in Gangtok nowadays, and yet parents are not comfortable sending children out on their own. Two decades back, children would rarely stay at home, gathering in groups and heading outdoors. That is a luxury which is denied the generation now in school. Outdoors in the capital is a one big parking lot. People have been noticing the increase in traffic on Gangtok roads, many have even ventured explanations and some have stuck their necks out with criticism, and all have come to the same conclusion – Gangtok has been taken over by cars. Cars have captured public space and pushed everything else away. The neighbourhood streets, even those which lead to a dead-end, have been consumed and the town still needs to come up with more and more ingenious ways to park its cars. Despite the obvious glut on the roads, the rush is showing no signs of abating. Some years ago, a study by the Central Road Research Institute [yes, there is such an institute] revealed that vehicles were occupying almost as much space [10.8%] as the forest cover [11.5%] in the National Capital Region of Delhi. Anyone who has watched the explosion of vehicles in Gangtok will agree that Sikkim’s capital too is trying hard to bring vehicular occupation at par with its green cover.

Eid Mubarak!

RANGPO, 31 Aug: Eid-Ul-Fitr was celebrated all over the state today.
The Muslims of Rangpo and the surrounding areas gathered at the Rangpo IBM at 9.30 a.m. and offered the Eid-Ul-Fitr namaaz together, bringing the holy month of Ramzan to an end.
The programme was organised by Anjuman Islamiya Rangpo and special prayers were organised for peace and development of the state. [from SANJAY AGARWAL]

Tibetan arrested at Rumtek after two and half month walk which started in Amdo

GANGTOK, 31 Aug: Karma Gelek walked all the way from Amdo in the Tibet Autonomous Region through Bhutan right up to the Rumtek Monastery gates where he was apprehended by the police. While Tibetan Refugees are usually pushed back from the border regions itself, the route taken by Karma Gelek to enter Sikkim [through Bhutan and from Rangpo] has made his case different and he has been sent to judicial custody under the 14 Foreigners Registration Act for having illegally entered the country. This is because Karma entered India via Bhutan and made into Sikkim without the required travel documents.
SP East, Dr. MS Tuli, confirming the arrest of the Tibetan national, stated that since he entered Sikkim through the Rangpo check-post without valid documents or a passport, he had to be booked under the Foreigners Registration Act.

Senior Division Sikkim League kicks off

SAGAR CHHETRIGANGTOK, 31 Aug: A total of eight teams lined up for the Sikkim Football Association’s Senior Division Sikkim-League which started today here at Paljor Stadium.
Out of eight teams, Sikkim Police, Boy’s Club, Sikkim Sports Academy, SAI Namchi, D’zongri SC and United Sikkim Football Club had already had qualified for senior division, while Siniolchu Namchi and United FC [Jorethang] were promoted from the second division of Sikkim-League last week.
Two matches were played on the inaugural day of the senior division today.

Elections called for Sikkim Medical Council

GANGTOK, 31 Aug: The State government has notified the election process for the Sikkim Medical Council. Under the Sikkim Medical Registration Act-2005 and the Sikkim Medical Registration Rules 2007 elections are to be held for the various posts in the Sikkim Medical Council.
The date for filing of claims and objections was 30 August. The revision of the final electoral role will be will be published in the official gazette while the voting by postal ballot is scheduled for 10 September.
The last date of nomination is 20th September, date of scrutiny of nomination on 23 September and the last date of withdrawal of nomination on 26 September. The last date of receipt of voting paper is 19 October and the date of counting of votes scheduled for 20 October. 


The SARAH Division of the Department of Animal Husbandry under the Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies program (ABC/AR) started free Anti-Rabies and Anti-Worm vaccination for pet as well as stray dogs on 29 August. More than 20 dogs were vaccinated today here at 6th Mile, Tadong. Officials engaged with the ABC/AR programme have appealed to the people to bring pet as well as stray dogs in the area to the Hawa-Ghar at 6th Mile for free vaccination on Wednesday from 9 a.m. onwards. They also assured that the animals will be treated for other ailments too. For details one can also contact: Lhamu @ 9609869475

Public Order Bill will return after public consultations and consent, CM announces

GANGTOK, 30 August: “We have withdrawn the Bill for the moment, but will bring it to the house again after explaining its aims and objectives in detail to the people. Next time, the Bill shall come after public discussions, deliberations, debates and with the consent of the people,” stated Chief Minister Pawan Chamling in his valedictory remarks in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly today.
The Chief Minister was referring to the withdrawal of the Sikkim Prevention and Control of Disturbance of Public Order bill which was introduced by him on 11 August and withdrawn when the Legislative Assembly met next on 26 August. The Governor, it may be recalled, had advised the State Government to withdraw the Bill which was received by a slew of protests from social and political organisations in the state.

Cabinet clears proposal to allow Cooperative societies undertake works worth up to Rs. 2 crores

GANGTOK, 30 Aug: Women and youth based cooperative societies in the state have been awarded a huge leg up by the State government with the recent decision to enhance the value of works to be awarded to them.
The enhancement in the value of works for such cooperative societies is to the tune of 1.50 crores. Earlier, cooperative societies of educated unemployed youth and women were allowed to undertake works of up to Rs. 50 lakh. A recent decision by the state government has enhanced this to Rs. 2 crore. This enhancement will also apply to cooperative societies of registered contractor in the gram panchayat ward level.
The state government has also enhanced the value of works to be awarded to Labour and Construction cooperative societies by Rs. 80 lakh from the earlier Rs. 20 lakh to Rs. 1 crore now.
For cooperative societies registered within municipalities and nagar panchayats, the value of works which can be awarded to them has been enhanced from Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 2 crore as well.

Sikkim tops ‘State Sustainable Competitiveness Report 2011’

GANGTOK, 30 Aug [IPR]: RICS India and the Institute for Competitiveness released the 'Sustainable Competitiveness Report 2011' for Indian states today at the RICS International conference on 'Planning and Delivering Urban Infrastructure in Indian Cities'. The report was released by Executive Director, Developing Markets, RICS, Marcus Potter, and ranks Indian states in terms of the sustainability of their growth story.

Assembly session concludes

GANGTOK, 30 Aug: The Sikkim Legislative Assembly passed the First Supplementary demands for Grants 2011-2012 projected at Rs. 500.36 crore unanimously without discussions today. The demand was introduced in the house by the CM on Monday.
Similarly, the Excess Demands for Grants 2006-2007 pegged at Rs. 2,63,38,485 under Revenue Section and Rs. 95,080 under Capital Section also tabled by the leader of the House yesterday was passed without discussions.
The Siddhesvara Dham Bill introduced by the Tourism Minister, Bhim Dhungel and the Sikkim Anti- Drugs (Amendment) Bill introduced by the Health Minister, DN Thakarpa were also passed unanimously by the house today without discussions. Both the bills were tabled on Monday.

CM condoles passing away of South Zilla Adhakshya

GANGTOK, 30 Aug [IPR]: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling and Smt. Tika Maya Chamling have expressed their grief and sorrow on the sad demise of Adhakshya, South Zilla Panchayat, Ravi Chandra Gurung, in a road accident on 28 August.
In his message to the bereaved family, the Chief Minister has conveyed that the late Mr. Gurung was a dedicated social worker and that his untimely death was a great loss to the State.
The Late Ravi Chandra Gurung was born on 17 June, 1968. He had his early education at Yangang Senior Secondary School and then studied at Enchey Senior Secondary School and graduated from Sikkim Govt. College, Tadong. He was elected as Adhakshya, South Zilla Panchayat in November, 2007.
He was associated with the Yangang Tourism Development Committee and Constituency Level Youth Programme of the ruling SDF. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. His funeral service is scheduled for 31 August at Yangang, South Sikkim.

Rs. 20.24 crore sanctioned for 89 rural water supply schemes

GANGTOK, 30 Aug: The Cabinet in a recent meeting sanctioned Rs. 20.24 crore to implement a total of 89 Rural Water Supply Schemes. A further Rs. 1.603 crore has been sanctioned for the construction of 138 Roof Rainwater Harvesting Structures; each of these structures costing Rs. 1,16,130 is to be taken up in 2011-12 under the National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP).

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CM tables Rs. 500 crore Supplementary Demands for Grants

GANGTOK, 29 Aug: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling today introduced the First Supplementary Demands for Grants 2011-2012 involving a gross expenditure of Rs. 500.36 crore in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly today. Voting and discussions on the demands is scheduled for Tuesday.
The Supplementary Demands for Grants included in this batch covers 42 Grants/ Appropriations and comprises Rs. 27,527.24 lakh on Revenue Account and Rs. 22,508.76 lakh on Capital Account. After taking into account related adjustments during the current financial year, the appropriations will involve net out go of Rs. 29,835.96 crore.

South Zilla Adhakshya killed in road mishap in Nepal

GANGTOK, 29 Aug: The much-liked Zilla Adhyaksha [South], Ravi Chandra Gurung, was killed in a road accident at Dharan in the Sunchari district of Nepal at around midnight last night. He was reportedly travelling back to Siliguri after attending to some personal work at Dharan when the mishap occurred.
The District Collector [South], AK Singh, coordinated with the Deputy Superintendent of Police and officials of the District Administration at Sunchari to enquire after the mishap and have the dead body of the deceased brought back.
As per the DC, the Adhyaksha was returning when his vehicle crashed into a parked truck. In the accident, the left side of the vehicle, the side where the Adhyaksha was sitting, was completely pulverized.

Sikkim Bhraman demands compiled, to be submitted in Assembly today

GANGTOK, 29 Aug: In the words of officials, Tuesday will be a ‘unique’ day in the Sikkim Assembly. This, because, for the first time in the history of Assembly proceedings will public demands be placed before the House in their ‘raw’ form along with their phase-wise implementation projections.
While the Sikkim Bhraman exercise of the Chief Minister is still one district short from being over, the State government has decided to place all public demands submitted to the Chief Minister during his tour of the state before the Sikkim Assembly. The North District will not be left out as, it is informed, public demands from the district have already been solicited through the MLAs and will be included in the compilation.

Chung Chung waltzes from reality TV debut to new ambitions

GANGTOK, 29 Aug: The telly is flooded with reality shows of all kinds, with every channel featuring at least one or more such show. Often criticised and ridiculed for propagating voyeurism, it is still a popular format with the masses. A non-celebrity is catapulted into the so-called world of fame. The instant fame, however, is very often a short-lived one. Chung Chung Bhutia, perhaps the only Sikkimese after football star Bhaichung, to appear on such a show, however, presents a different side of the reality TV phenomenon.

Sikkim babies are countries best fed

GANGTOK, 29 Aug: Sikkim has emerged as the top state in the country with the least percentage of its children who are malnourished or underweight.
In a detailed state-wise analysis of the prevalence of anemia and malnutrition in children, Bihar has emerged as the worst performing state with maximum number of children affected with anemia. Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest number of children with stunted growth. Further, Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest percentage of underweight children.

Stronger Accountability to End Denial

The near hysterical support extended to Anna Hazare’s movement to get the Jan Lokpal Bill into Parliament was obviously not because the lakhs across the country who took to the streets had read the Jan Lokpal Bill or understood how it compared with the one drafted by the UPA Government. The people came out because they were frustrated by rampant corruption which ambushes them in their daily lives in the form of denial and because in the Anna campaign they spied a chance to do something about it.

OT enquires after efforts to contain rising prices of vegetables

GANGTOK, 29 Aug: Sikkim’s lone representative in the Rajya Sabha, OT Lepcha, in a query posed to the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in the House today, enquired after the rising prices of the vegetables.
Mr Lepcha asked whether any steps have been taken by the Central Government to reduce the prices of vegetables which have been seen a huge increase over the last two years. He further sought details of such measures.

Girish wins best vocalist award at Yamaha Asian Beats

GANGTOK, 28 Aug: For all the Metal- head fans who were wondering what Girish n the Chronicles were upto since their path breaking performance at the Montenegro International Suncane Skale Festival in Europe last July, comes welcome news of local front-man Girish winning the “Yamaha Asian Beats 2011” competition at the Kyra MP Theatre in Bangalore yesterday. This win has now earned him the title of the ‘best vocalist in the country.’
After around 50 gigs through various venues in the country and abroad following their international debut, Girish Pradhan, performing as the “guest” vocalist for Guwahati-based “Silver Tears” [considered one of the best rock outfits in the region], competed at the zonal competition for the Yamaha Asian Beats title which began in Guwahati in July this year and came first among participants from eight states.

YT ends his fast too, celebrates expulsion from SDF

GANGTOK, 28 Aug: Yong Tshering Lepcha ended his hunger-strike this morning, following Anna Hazare who broke his fast in New Delhi.
Shortly after Anna Hazare broke his fast, Mr Lepcha also sipped fruit juice at his hospital bed here at STNM Hospital where he was admitted on Friday evening. Mr Lepcha, it may be recalled, had launched a parallel hunger strike in Gangtok starting on 20 August in support of Anna Hazare’s fast in New Delhi.

Rs. 225 lakh kitty for preservation of Sikkim’s cultural heritage

GANGTOK, 28 Aug: The cultural heritage of Sikkim is being sought to be consolidated by the State government by undertaking various measures. An amount of Rs. 225 lakh has been set aside for this by the government. The money will be used in the preservation and restoration of monasteries and mandirs, for cultural resource mapping, digitization of records and purchase of ethnographic artifacts for the upcoming state museum. Preservation and restoration of traditional houses and historical buildings etc are also being contemplated.
In another step towards promotion of tourism in the State, Rs. 3.98 crores has been sanctioned for the development of Thami Dara in East Sikkim. This amount will be used by the Tourism and Civil Aviation department in the development of Integrated Adventure Tourism Infrastructure.


Siniolchu FC wins second division Sikkim LeagueGANGTOK, 28 Aug: Siniolchu FC has won the Sikkim Football Association’s second division Sikkim-League. A brace by Tempo Tamang helped Siniolchu outplay United FC 4-1 in the final match of the league today.
However, both finalists have already qualified for the senior division Sikkim-League, which is scheduled to begin 31 August. Interestingly, both teams hail from South Sikkim, Siniolchu from Namchi and United FC from Jorethang.
Dawa Lepcha opened the goal account for Siniolchu in the 17th minute but with a good comeback Santosh BK of United FC scored the equalizer in the 23rd minute itself. With his constant attacks, Siniolchu’s striker, Mayal Lepcha provided another lead to the team in the 29th minute.

Sikkim MPs support Parliamentary resolutions for Anna, convey State’s willingness to make Lokayukta stronger

GANGTOK, 28 Aug: Sikkim’s representatives in the Parliament, PD Rai [Lok Sabha] and OT Lepcha [Rajya Sabha], participated in the debate on Lokpal held in the two houses yesterday. In their respective addresses, both MPs conveyed the SDF’s “strong support” for the “initiatives of the Government as well as the Civil Society against the cancer of corruption which is so rampant in our country”.
Updating the respective houses that Sikkim already has a Lokayukta, they supported the three resolutions moved in Parliament yesterday and, while suggesting that the federal structure of the country not be tampered with, expressed solidarity with moves to strengthen the Lokayukta’s at the State level and make them more effective.

Rakdong Tintek convenes Gram Sabha

MANGAN, 28 Aug: The 42-Rakdong Tintek GPU held a Gram Sabha yesterday at the Gram Prashasan Kendra at Lower Rakdong in East Sikkim chaired by the Panchayat President, Ganden Lepcha
During the Sabha, ward Panchayat, BB Gurung, highlighted and tabled the different demands which were passed during the four-day Action Plan Development programme.
The demands include land development work, water source development at Rakdong and Tintek Khola, construction of CC footpath, provision of drinking water, up-gradation of schools, restoration of Dikchu-Lingdok road, promotion of animal husbandry in the area, and supply of sufficient medicines to the PHC etc. which were the demands from different wards of the GPU.

3,600 beneficiaries identified for Poultry Mission-II

Gangtok, 28 Aug: As of now, 3,600 beneficiaries have been identified for schemes under the Poultry Mission-II of the government. A total amount of Rs. 1 crore has been estimated for the various activities under this second phase of the Poultry Mission. 300 chicks will be provided to 600 beneficiaries, while another 3,000 beneficiaries will benefit from the Backyard Poultry scheme and distribution of month-old chicks. 25 chicks will be distributed to each identified beneficiary under this scheme. In addition to this, the government will also provide a grant-in-aid to the amount of Rs. 5.40 lakhs to the Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation.

Congress working committee for West Sikkim welcomes Parliamentary Resolutions on Lokpal Bill

GANGTOK, 28 August: A meeting of West District working committee of the Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee was convened at Boom under Rinchenpong constituency today chaired by the district in-charge, SPCC vice president, Pema Kinzang Bhutia. The meeting was also attended by the WDCC president, Buddhibal Gurung, members of the PCC and DCCs, party functionaries and large number of party supporters, informs a press release. 

NASBO urges Chogyal Wangchuk to revive Pangtoed Chaam at Tsuglakhang

GANGTOK, 28 Aug: The National Sikkimese Bhutia Organisation [NASBO - 371F] has written to Chogyal Wangchuk Namgyal to “revive, bless and guide” the revival of the annual Pangtoed Chham at the Tsuglakhang, Gangtok, during Pang Lhabsol, the observance of which was discontinued in the early nineties.
In a letter to Chogyal Wangchuk, circulated among the media today, NASBO adds that he “and none other, necessarily and rightfully presiding the whole affair”.
“The people of Sikkim would be the first one to share all the responsibilities required for such revival in a befitting, dedicated and determined manner,” the letter adds while also crediting him with the “reawakening of monastic developments, be it spiritual, academic or physical to an unimaginable extent”.

ASESE&UA wants politics to grow up beyond personal attacks in Sikkim

GANGTOK, 28 Aug: The All Sikkim Educated Self-Employed & Unemployed Association [ASESE&UA] has appealed to the State Government to concentrate on addressing the “real issues” of the state instead of continuing to defend the Public Order Bill.
The association has argued that the level of political debate in the state needs to be improved by bringing up productive and useful Bills.


Criticism and commentary welcome because they add to understanding
Apropos rejoinder of Duechi of Tashiding Monastery carried out in your paper of 11th August 2011 under the caption “Tashiding Duechi Questions Gyamtso’s commentary on Bhum Chu” and the comments of Mr. Karma Lhendup Kaleon carried out in your paper of 18th August under the caption “Vum-Chhu under cloud: Evolution of Survival Instinct”, I thought I owe some further explanation to the readers so that the matter is understood in its correct perspective.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

14 kgs lighter, YT powers on in support of Anna

SAGAR CHHETRIGANGTOK, 26 Aug: Yong Tshering Lepcha has lost 14 kilos of his body weight as he completes a week of fasting in support of Anna Hazare here at the Fish Pond area opposite Paljor Stadium.
Mr Lepcha started the hunger strike on 20 August weighing 84 kg and saw his body weight drop most drastically in the first three days when he did not even take water. By the third day he had lost 12 kilos. Since then, he has lost two more kilos and now weighs 70 kg.

Public Order Bill withdrawn, five amendment passed one more tabled

GANGTOK, 26 Aug: The Sikkim Prevention and Control of Disturbance of Public Order Bill, Bill No.10 of 2011 introduced by the Chief Minister who also holds the Home portfolio on 11 August was unanimously withdrawn by the Sikkim Legislative Assembly today. The “notice of motion” to withdraw the Bill was announced on 14 August and formalized today.
The session in the house concluded within 15 minutes.
Today, the second session of the Budget Session-2011 [the concluding session is scheduled for 29 August] also saw all the five amendment bills introduced in the house during the first session on 11 August being unanimously passed without any discussions.

SDF expels 17 office bearers

GANGTOK, 26 Aug: The Sikkim Democratic Front today expelled 17 office bearers, including several panchayat members, from the party. A press release issued by the SDF general secretary [administration], SK Pradhan, informs that the 17 have been expelled by the party president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, invoking section 1, clause k of the party constitution.

2 suicides and one death by electrocution

CAUSING DEATH BY NEGLIGENCE CHARGES BROUGHT UP AGAINST IPCA LABGANGTOK, 26 Aug: Two suicides and one death by electrocution were reported from around the State yesterday.
In the first incident, a 19-year-old boy studying at Upper Yangyang School in South Sikkim committed suicide by hanging. According to his father, on 24 August, his son returned from school, had dinner with the family and then went to sleep in the kitchen. The next day, when his elder brother went to collect fodder from the forest above the house, he discovered that his brother had committed suicide by hanging from a tree.
In another incident, a 45-year-old resident of Lower Martam, West Sikkim, was found hanging inside the bedroom by his son on 25 August. There was no one at home throughout the day. When the son returned home at around 4 p.m. he found the deceased hanging inside the bedroom.

Asian Productivity Organization experts visit Gangtok dairy plant with productivity improvement tips

GANGTOK, 26 Aug: the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Japan had selected the Sikkim Milk Union to be developed into a Demonstration company with National Productivity Council (NPC), New Delhi as the principal implementing agency with the objective of showcasing how a company in the public sector can successfully design and implement productivity improvement initiatives. The project was started in the year 2010 and is expected to be completed by March 2012.
Pieter Willem de Jongh, an International Dairy Expert from Netherlands deputed by APO to work on the processing improvement and productivity, and India expert, KVR Raju are on their second visit to Sikkim Milk Union [from 17 to 27 August], informs a press release.