Monday, October 12, 2015

Only SDF at Singtam as well

By time the EVMs for Singtam Nagar Panchayat were opened for counting, even SDF supporters would have tired with the celebrations. And when the votes were counted, it was more of the same - clean sweep for SDF. This is how the numbers added up in Singtam>>>

Pipal Dara [SC][W]
Rajni Singh [SDF- 309]                         
Yad Kumari Kami [SKM- 60]
Daragaon [UR]                                       
Ram Naresh Prasad [SDF- 371]
Mukesh Agarwal [SKM- 182]

Mandir Line [UR][W]                          
Bishnu Maya Sherpa [SDF- 535]
Sarita Shankar [SKM- 162]

Lall Bazar [OBC][S]                               
Sawan Kumar Pradhan [SDF- 316]
Kishore Chettri [SKM- 115]

Chisopani [ST]
Bhumi Subba [SDF- 408]
Suresh Kumar Tamang [SKM- 239]

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