Monday, October 7, 2013

Towards becoming the nation’s first Cyber Village DB PRADHAN

The proverb “Where there is a will, there is a way” has been proven right yet again with the conceptualization of the first Cyber Village in India by our Chief Minister Pawan Chamling. His dream of converting all the villages of Sikkim into Cyber Villages got the first breath of life on 02 October, 2013 when the project being implemented on Pilot Mode at Melli Dara Paiyong Gram Panchayat was launched by the Governor Shriniwas Patil in the august of presence of Mr. Chamling himself. This initiative was conceptualized by the CM during his 42-day marathon tour of the villages of Sikkim.
Melli Dara Paiyong Gram Panchayat Unit extends heartiest gratitude to the Chief Minister and Department of Information Technology for having considered the Gram Panchayat capable of executing such a crucial and dream project envisioned by the Chief Minister.
Cyber Village, as the name itself suggests, consists of various components including software, online portal, hardware, SMS service and handheld devices. One of the main objectives of the project is to provide services to citizens at their doorstep. Following are major services/facilities Cyber Village project will offer:
Capturing data right from where it is generated: Every data that is generated at the Gram Panchayat Level including information from line departments, private institutions etc. are captured as and when they are generated, verified by the concerned ward Panchayat. Thus, we will be able to mine accurate and near real time data when required.
SMS-based service initiation: Once a citizen registers his/her mobile number with our SMS service system, he/she can request the initiation of service without having to be physically present in the Village Administrative Centre. If his/her documents and other related information are found to be in order, the service will be delivered without the hassle of his/her being present in the office physically.
Hardware: All line departments have been equipped with necessary hardware required such as desktop computer, printer and internet connectivity. Panchayats have been provided with Mobile Tablets with pre-installed Cyber Village software which they can use to update information on the go.
All this data thus gathered ranging from individual details, scheme details to data captured by several line departments have been made available on our portal: The data can be collected with permission from the Chief Minister's Office.
Melli Dara Paiyong Gram Panchayat is extremely grateful to the Chief Minister and we really appreciate the vision he has conceived for the villages of Sikkim. During the SDF regime, our villages have progressed at a very fast pace and the problems of roads, drinking water, electricity, sanitation etc. have become a thing of the past. The present government has worked sincerely and diligently to ensure that the need of every section of the society is fulfilled. Now having dealt with the basic necessities, the government has embarked on the process of taking our villages to the next stage, i.e. cyber village. This will uproot the very notion of "Digital Divide" from Sikkim forever. Melli Dara Paiyong Gram Panchayat and the people of the Gram Panchayat would like to take this opportunity to request all youths, intellectuals and concerned Sikkimese to vote the present government to power in the next election so that these developmental activities goes unhindered as in the case of Singapore where people are voting Singapore People's Action Party to power since 1959 till date and it is because of this that the developmental activities started by the party continued and the result has been the birth of modern Singapore.
[The writer is President of Melli Dara Paiyong Gram Panchayat, South Sikkim]

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